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Shiny objects on the right

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Hey there, just registered and was about to create my first proper post, but... I am very much distracted by the jumping graphics to the right. I'm surprised anyone even remains seriously suicidal after seeing them (or is that the strategy?)

How do I turn them off, though? I cannot concentrate at all because of them!


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I think the OP is referring to seeing emoticons when typing or editing a post. If so, please go to User CP (top left of SF homepage), then select Edit Options, and then scroll down to Miscellaneous options. Instead of selecting "Standard Text Editor," click the drop-down arrow and change it to "Basic." I'm on my phone while on my way to class, so I apologize if these instructions are hard to follow. Lastly, welcome to SF. :welcome: Take care....Mr. A
Yeah, that seemed to do it, thanks! I don't know how anyone manages to write anything with bouncy fully-coloured smiling rotund objects staring at you...
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