Shit keeps happening

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    So the doc called yesterday. He wants me in this afternoon. I know what he is going to say. I know the results are going to confirm what he believed some weeks ago. What do i do? I don't have the energy to pretend anymore. But if I don't react somehow, he will get suspicious and probably figure out what I have planned. How can I fake that I'm upset, worried, scared? I'm not. I'm not anything anymore. He's going to let me know all my options and I really don't care. Why can't the shit just leave me alone already? Haven't I paid enough? I just want to die in peace.
  2. Esmeralda

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    Don't pretend anything! He is your doc and he wants to help you. Tell him the truth and go from there. Let him do what he is trained to do. Tell him the truth.
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    i dont know exactly whats going on, but i pray to god that you're okay <3 but please dont fake anything! take care and please be okay :sad:
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    You already seem to know what he will say. So tell him that you had guessed that to be the case when he rang. You're telling the truth, aren't you? He knows a lot about you already, I think? Surely he will not be surprised by a less emotionally charged response.

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