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i like this guy and ive been ditching all my friends to hang out with him! i have no idea what im doing any more and im so confuzed... i just want some one to love me and hold me...you know? its like id rather be with HIM then them but thats not how i feel! : (
Hun i know what you mean, your heads all confused right now and its gonna take time for you to figure out what you want. But it will happpen, just give it time. Go with what your heart tells you.

Take care x
One of the things that you have to remember, and something you should always think about is, "Does he like me back?" That was my oppinion anyways

Now its understandable that you seek attention, most people become depressed and secluded without it. You just need to remember, you need to do whats right for YOU, not other people.

Hope that helps

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