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im feeling really really bad today. I just woke up with this realization that life is completely pointless and the only reason we are here is because our primal urges tell us to continue the species. Seriously, if you think about it thats the only reason we are here. Everything we do is to try to get a mate. But, seeing as how im so inadiquate that i will never get one i see no reason to keep going.
Fuck, ive also been trying to quit using narcotics, but im about to shoot up. I just cant take it. I need it. I need to forget my pain, if only briefly. god damn, i am such a worthless piece of shit junky. Everyone around me would be so much happier without me. can a moderator please ban me? I just bring everyone down.


No ofcourse you don't have be banned! It's good that you write how you're feeling... I feel sorry for you that you feeling like that:sad: You don't bring us down... I think there a lot of people here who think like that (me too).
I'm sorry I can't tell you other important reasons why life should be fun...
Maybe because you love your familie and friends, and they love you too:smile:
good luck:hug:


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All of my family is either dead or will have nothing to do with me. And I really have no friends. Thank you for trying to help but... I dont know if i can be helped. Fuckin eh. I dont know. I'll probably feel better tommorow. Maybe i'll just lie in my bed for the next 24 hours.


The biggest loser ever to live.
Well, you have a point. I mean, life really does seem so pointless at times, that we're only here to survive and pass on our genes to our children.

But, how are so many other people able to enjoy life and are so happy and wish they could live forever? What makes it that we view life as such a struggle and it being pointless whereas so many others are so happy and preoccupied? Maybe the secret is just to stay busy? I dunno.

I myself am very alone as well, I have no friends myself and I must be like the only one at my university not to have any fucking friends, I'm very shy and feel inferior to everyone.

You do bring up a good point, why do you and I view life as pointless, there's no point to life but to just survive but so many others are so happy with their lives and busy doing things and never wish to die? I wish I knew. Hmmm.

I can relate to you of having no friends and having lonliness.

jane doe

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we all are here to make this life suitable for each other. i know ther´s a lot of people that would be sad if you die, even if you think that it isn´t true...think that you are too down to see the happiness you bring to other poeple. take care hun, try to live not for continue the species, but for satisfy yourself


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. take care hun, try to live not for continue the species, but for satisfy yourself
I try, i really do try, to live and be happy and do things that make me happy. But its so damn hard, you know? evertime i try to do something good for myself or i think things are going my way, I always end up hurt and dissapointed. One can only take so much before one collapses under the strain, you know? Its just so fucking hard...

But, how are so many other people able to enjoy life and are so happy and wish they could live forever?.
Ive pondered that question may times. Ive never been able to come up with a suitable reason.
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I suppose a lot of people who SEEM happy as hell really are. But I know for a fact that a lot of them that seem happy, aren't really happy. I know people who have more money than they can spend, drive new cars, have family and friends but are miserable.


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I often wonder how people actually manage to become happy. It is not something I have felt in a long time, probably since I was a child.

I have a good idea of how I could make myself happy. It seems very hard for me to accomplish, almost impossible, but I have to do it.

If I accomplish what I want, and it doesn't change the way I feel, there is no way I can continue living I absolutely refuse to feel like this for the rest of my life. I cannot.


Me too. But I have decided to at least try to get my life better. One more time. I am doing some new tactics this time so maybe will have different outcome. We have to think about the people we leave behind. So I have tried to figure out a way to die without it looking like suicide. I think in my situation it could work.


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I wrote a story about a time in the future when sexual reproduction is on the verge of disappearing. Artificial wombs and sex robots allow men and women to exist and reproduce without one another. The story has made the finals in some competitions. And, it's made me feel less bad about having lost in the game of love. Oh, I still search. But, hey, someday, none of this reproductive stuff is gonna matter. SO! Those of us who lack huge amounts of value in the dating game (plain women, unemployed men, fat people, etc.) BIG DEAL. There's more to life.

Hope this helps. Think about it.

But, how are so many other people able to enjoy life and are so happy and wish they could live forever? What makes it that we view life as such a struggle and it being pointless whereas so many others are so happy and preoccupied?
you bring up some very great questions.. i've seen both sides of the coin.. i've been completely and utterly miserable and considered suicide for 13 years.. i hated what i saw in the mirror.. but i've made it to the other side and am happy... i'm still growing and cultivating my happiness.. i came to this site looking for answers after my brother completed his suicide four mos. ago.. he asked me once "are you happy?" and i told him yes, but i don't think he believed me.. but it is the truth.. even amid the madness of life.. i'm happy


I got this way because I choose to be. Its as simple as that. I simply said one day this is too much misery I'm putting into my own head. It's not worth the pain anymore. It's not worth it to hate myself when I know there are others who love me. I started to look at why others love me and focus on the good qualities that they saw in me. I CHOOSE LIFE. I CHOOSE TO LOVE MYSELF. I chose to follow through with my decision. I choose to look for the good in others and myself. I choose to look at my blessings everyday. I choose to be thankful for all I have. I choose look at life as an adventure, a journey worth living. I chose to always better my mind. I choose to find the solutions and focus on them instead of the problems. And, guess what when I focused on the solutions, I got more solutions. If I focused on problems, I got more of them too. So, I choose to turn away from the negative, the pain, the struggle. I chose to put out all the negative and finally let all the psoitive around me flood in to wash away the pain. I choose to find a purpose for my life. And, I found that purpose God was showing me all along.

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