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shitty evening but mostly my fault

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stuck in place yet again
welp its those days again for me, when the evening gets too quiet. with not a single soul that can be found on our walk but me and my dog around. i was half way around my housing complex where i was happy that i didn't see any other dogs because my dog goes crazy at the sight of them. but then this whole accident happens. there is humongous tree on a grassy hill near house car parkings for dogs as it is a dog neighborhood, my dog is casually strolling on to it and looking at bushes near it because, she likes jumping on to them. while my dog is staring at the bush a lady on the other side of the road is just causally on her phone not noticing that her dog stopped walking and was pulling at the retractable leash and harness while looking at my dog. i was looking at it trying to see if it was a puppy or small dog it looked very similar to my three year old who was too busy looking at the bushes to look at the tiny dog, but she suddenly stopped and turned. she was pulling the leash about to lunge at the dog all while dragging me across the very flat hill which, was only like 8ft in length and like 20-30 ft in width by the way. thankfully i caught her by the leash while still being on the ground flat on my back and then held her collar with another hand to stop her. since there was another dog but it wasn't enough since i barely had any strength left after being dragged. so she easily slipped out of my hand and went against another dog. and tried to jump on it scaring the poor thing into biting its owner's hand and apparently my dog also bit the other dog's leg according to the owner. now i kind off feel like shit cuz i cudve avoided all this with just talking her straight home instead of stopping near the grass.
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