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  1. Hurted

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    So, i've been dating a girl, for the first time in my live (im 20 years old).
    We've been out 6 times, and we understand each other well so far, although she is very shy and she has trusting problems because of her past relationships.
    Next weekend i was invited to the party in a local club. I was invited by a few female school friends.
    The problem is that i dont know whenever i should go or not. As I said, she has problems with trusting and i really dont want it to look like i'm going out with these school friends for any other reasons than friendship.
    Right now, she means everything to me, she "takes me" out of the life I hate. I really don't want her to stop dating me because she would think i'm interested in other girls.
    What should i do? Should i rather not go out with those friends of mine?
    Thanks to everyone who will answer.
  2. total eclipse

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    Hey i think be honest with this giirl tell her what you are telling us that you don't want to hurt her and if it upset her that you go to this party you won't
    See if you can invite your gf to the party if she will go. open conversation is the best thing okay see how she feels abt this.
  3. wonderer

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    Violet is right. Tell her about it, say they're just friends. If she's so insecure that you can't hang out with other girls at a party, it may create stress later on, no matter how much you like her. I wish you luck!
  4. shades

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    As "Vi" and "Wonderer" said, honesty above all!

    If she is uncomfortable with you going to the party and you think she might break it off because of it, then you will have to decide whether you will be ok with being with her only, all the time and forever, with no other friends and I don't see that as a viable solution for you.
  5. fallingangie

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    Introduce your gf to all your female friends and try taking her along with you to those parties. If she can become friends with your friends then i dont see any reason why she should not trust you.