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Short letters to people in our lives that drive us crazy

Who drives you the most crazy and makes you sooo mad or sad???

  • Ex

    Votes: 2 8.3%
  • Mom or dad

    Votes: 13 54.2%
  • Sibling

    Votes: 5 20.8%
  • Other relative

    Votes: 2 8.3%
  • A friend or ex friend

    Votes: 4 16.7%
  • Professor or teacher or other faculty or administration person

    Votes: 1 4.2%
  • Current spouse or bf or gf or fiance

    Votes: 4 16.7%
  • Neighbor

    Votes: 4 16.7%

  • Total voters
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To MOM: What else can I say, you are a nag!!! You love to drive me crazy.

To DAD: Thanks for being there. In case you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic. Thanks for leaving me with your crazy ex-wife and now I will forever be responsible for her, while you will never have to be bothered. You were always selfish.

To MY EX-BF FROM 2 YEARS AGO: You piece of fu*king childish sh*t. We haven't spoken in two years, but you still affect me. What kind of creep never talks to a girl again especially a girl that was nice to you. I can see if you wanted to avoid me for a few months, but not talking to me after 2 years!! I wasn't just some random girl you met. You knew me my whole life and your family knew my family! It is fine that you don't want to be with me, but you could have remained my friend, you as*hole. Believe me, friendship is all I wanted from you after I seen what a scum you are and honestly, I don't even want your friendship now. You scarred me for life. I constantly worry about abandonment. I can't be secure after you. It was bad enough my dad did what he did. I had abandonment issues from that when it came to men, but you made it a million times worse. However, I thank you for leaving because I found myself after you and I was able to become the best person I can be. If I decide to go to my summer home this year, I can't wait to walk past your house arm and arm with my husband. The thing that really sucks though is I can't be confident with him because I constantly have to worry that he will do me wrong like you did. You are the most insensitive scum bag on planet earth. I don't even know what I ever saw in you. Have a nice life!

I am a little tired to write now. I will probably add more to this list later, but for now it feels good to get it all out with regard to these three people. Feel free to write little short or even long notes to anybody in your current life or in your past. It really feels good.


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MOM: You made me....

Sibling: Your both worthless

Other relative: family sucks

A friend or ex friend: what friends, ex friends (high school) thanks for not bringing me along your drugged filled world.

Professor or teacher or other faculty or administration person: Thank you that I work in a room by myself

Current spouse or bf or gf or fiance: H, I love you-Im here today because of you!

Neighbor: stop hitting the walls
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sibling: why can't you be there for me in the way i was there for you. is that too much to ask. i told you i'd been in the psych ward again and you ignored my email. do you know how much that hurt? i get that you are keeping your head in the sand about our rotten childhood but i won't do that anymore. as they say, the truth will set you free.
Mom -
Every time I asked you for help, you yelled at me. Got pissed off at me for feeling the way I feel, and for thinking the things I think. Nothing I ever do is right in your eyes, something is ALWAYS wrong with it.

Biological father -
Fuck you.

Stepfather -
Every stupid decision that I make IS NOT some way for me to simply insult your intelligence. "Did you think you wouldn't get caught? Did you think we were THAT stupid?" This is MY LIFE. Not all about you. My decisions are MY decisions, and I'm not constantly thinking about the outcome. I am a teenager, this is not how our brains work. I don't think about you when I decide to blaze with my friends. I don't think about you when I drink. I think about MYSELF.
Selfish, maybe. Gonna worry about MY LIFE before YOU and your bullshit.

To Paige, the bitch that's sitting ten feet from me in my study hall -
Turn your goddamn music DOWN. God. Your orange-spray-tanned ass is pissing me off. Every time you drive by me, you flip me off and yell out the window "YOU CRIED RAPE."
Well, fuck you. I cry every night because of that incident, and your bullshit isn't worth my time.

Andy -
I'm glad you answered the phone last night at 1am. I know you're mad at me, but... Hearing goodnight from you after a nightmare...
I love you, and I'm sorry.

To my best friend -
I can't believe you would do this... To betray me, the last person on this earth that you totally and completely trust? I just...
I just want you to be happy.
Whether I'm included in your future, or not.

To Alex -
You left this world more than a year ago. Left me behind...
But I'm doing just fine.

I don't even know what to call her: All I wanted was to be your friend. But you can't even give me that. I've come to realise that you never really cared. You seriously can't take five minutes out of your life in over three months to answer an email? It hurts so much but I think I'm going to have to give up on you and realise there was never really anything there. Your lack of interest is only bringing me down even more and I just can't deal with it.

Administration person: You know I have severe depression and can barely find the strength to turn up every day, and also that I have anxiety problems, I'm scared shitless of socialising and just want to sit somewhere quiet to do whatever meaningless task you have in mind and be otherwise left alone. So what do you do? You force me to talk to tons of new people, put me in countless group things, and above all, you put me on the reception desk. Seriously? Do you not realise how fucking hard it is for me to be put on show like that in the state I'm in? And no, I will NOT ANSWER THE FUCKING PHONE FOR YOU.

That felt good. :yay:
sybling: Oh just shut the fuck up you worthless piece of shit. You act like you care, until everyone turns their back. Im not fooled, i will never be, so just leave me alone. You make my life hell: mission accomplished. Now go away, soon i will be gone, weather i move out, or die. Either way, at least i will be rid of you.

mom: Yea, i know you see me in you, but im NOT YOU. i dont want to live your life, i want to be me. all i want is a bit of LOVE and CARING just because your mother hurt you till you didnt want to be around her, doesnt mean you should abandon me. YOU FUCKING MADE ME. what the hell? you think you can read my mind? well read this: Care for what you made, it wasnt my fucking choice to come in this world.

dad: Haha, yea. you think i should be perfect, perfect grades, good sport, perfect manners. I CANT BE. Its not me. I know you hate them, but the animals are my life. I DONT want to live like im in a recruit school. you try to show you care, but you know that the norm fatherdaughter this is NOT to go on an hour run until you both want to puke. I love my running, but i dont love the expectations you put on me. Just let me be me.


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parents: stop crushing my dreams and listen to what i have to say...also, stop making me feel so guilty...k? thanks... ps, i'm sorry

bro: don't get so freaked out by my suicide jokes...they're not jokes...i want to tell you, so you can help me...but i can't tell you, cuz you think i'm crazy...

Mr Stewart

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Happy people: I don't understand you.

People (in general): I don't understand any of you either.
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Dear mum: I wish I could hate you. I wish I could lay on you the responsibility that rationally, I know you deserve. But I can't. And I don't think I ever will. You hate me. Fact. You broke into my flat and ordered some one to beat me up and break my bones. You want me dead. You have never been a mother. Not really. And you never wanted to be either. I crave your love. You've never been here, not when I was a baby, or a child, or now, an adult. And it hurts. But I still love you. And I blame myself for that.

Dear dad: You will never know how ashamed I am of you. And how fearful. I can't tell anyone about you, or the person that you are, because of the shame. I haven't seen you in 9 years, but it's because of your own wrongdoing. And because of what YOU did, all your side of the family disowned me. It's funny, I could have really used some family growing up, but I guess I didn't deserve it. I don't love you. But I don't hate you either. I feel nothing, except shame and fear. And it's saddening that it's turned out that way.

Dear N and G: You ruined me. In a way that can not be repaired. You took my innocence. You took the only semblance of childhood I ever had. You knew my mum didn't care about me or for me, you knew the man my dad was. And you used it to your advantage. Showing me off to your church buddies while playing the guitar and writing speeches to deliver about goodness and love by day, and by night treating me like your own personal *****. I was a child. And neither of you cared. And fuck.. that hurts. You've destroyed me, I hope you're proud. Supposed to be family.. but family shouldn't do that.

Dear blah : I hate you. I hate that you slag me off behind my back, but think that its fine, and that you think I am so stupid that I don't know. People talk. I know the person you really are, and it's embarrassing. For you.

Dear MHW: I can't stand you. I never have. I've told you to your face but you don't get it. I've tried being nice, being distant, telling you to leave me the fuck alone. But you still keep coming back. And I have no way to stop you. It is out of my control. I hate not being in control of my life, especially when as a result I have to put up with someone like you. Fuck you.

Dear me: I hate you most of all. I hate you so much. You fuck everything up. Lol, but with your family genetics, what did you expect? You should fuck off and go rot in a cave or something. You're pathetic.


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Dear sibling...ok half sister
I don't know if I can ever forget how you abandoned me to live/look after Him. I just wanted a home, why couldn't you as the adult call social services? Not only was I 14, who's Mum had died you left me to live with a pig of an alchoholic. Yes he was... despite you all telling me "it wasn't that bad"
Do you know if I didn't cook we didn't eat? If I didn't forge the cheques the rent wasn't paid? Where were you when he was having grand mal seizures and I was alone with him... is that a life for a 14 yr old??? How could you leave me with an abusive father??? Where is your conscience????? Don't you fucking care???
Do you know he threatened to kill me if I told???
Hope you had a nice life walking away and today you STILL walk away from me... why is the guilt too much???? So fuckin self righteous and superior with your wonderful children... you'll never know!!!

"Dad" you're best forgotten.... may you rot in hell forever tortured for hurting us and all those other children... you NEED to pay!!!!!!!!

Mom I love you so much always have always will, my friend and my ally... I understand how powerless you were cripled by fear and depression... I don't blame you! It just breaks my heart that you had to die when I needed you most!


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bro: don't get so freaked out by my suicide jokes...they're not jokes...i want to tell you, so you can help me...but i can't tell you, cuz you think i'm crazy...
Give him a try and tell him, people can be more understanding than we give them credit for, he may not have the answers but he may give you more questions. Hugs
Your just useless, and you take everything out on everyone else. look inward, see what a mess you are. its not our fault you are teh way you are.

you just confuse me, say what you think for gods sake.


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Dear X,

It kills me that I've found likely the love of my life and all these stupid mundane things you can't be mature enough to handle are going to tear us apart. If I made a list of the things you do that I can't live with, I know nothing would change anyways. I don't understand on a very basic level how you can be in an unhappy situation for years and not change anything. Anything at all just because you have tried one option and it hasn't worked out.
I love you but can't change you. I gave our relationship over 4 years of my life, the most vital years in my 20's, and yet I can't regret us. Just know that I tried as hard as I could and even though I am finally convinced that this must end, I am going to stick around as long as I can, just in case a miracle happens.


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Dear dad,
I'm tired of you saying you want to die and how much
Life sucks for you as an old man and isn't worht living.
I'm tired of hearing you complain about every single person
In the world on tv or real life because you think they
Have more money than you. And I'm tired of your compulsive
Lying to make yourself look better. You haven't done 95%
of what you say you've done. And I still love you. Have some
Self confidence will you?. Being stevie nicks boyfriend or
working with a neuro surgen or having been best friends with
elton john don't make a person more impressive to me.
Even if it were the truth.
Person on another forum: Wow. So you think it's nice to have a debate? Really? Only if people agree with your every word, apparently. EXCUSE ME for liking a band you think is crap. EXCUSE ME for liking a singer you hate. Your opinion is not fucking gospel, OK? I'm allowed to disagree with you, and should be able to do so without you picking my post apart and insulting me into the bargain. How old are you? Get over yourself and get off the internet if you really can't cope with the idea that some people have different opinions to yours.


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Friends: If I trusted you more then I could have let you help me. Unfortunately you have let me down too many times and I couldnt risk that happening again.


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TO THE JERK I WILL NEVER FORGET: If it weren't for you the bullying wouldn't have been so hard to take. But no, you were had to be the one to outdo all of them. I don't care if you don't recognize me, or if that was years ago, I will never ever forget what you did to me. You pretty much made it impossible for me to want to be in this town again. Do you know how demoralizing it is to be called "it," to not even be given the right to having even a gender? And let's not forget exactly how you shouted to the classroom. "I killed it!" You had such triumph in your voice, so brave since the teacher wasn't there. You knew there wasn't a soul in that classroom aside from the teacher that would have stood up for me. All my friends were in the "smart" math class, a class I would be transferring into just weeks from then.
Not only that but you even took a cloth book cover off one of my books and threw it into the science teacher's rabbit's litter box. You thought I was only there for you to torture me. Even when that should have been long behind me the mere sight of you made me want to freeze and run and you didn't even know who I was. No, I didn't need to check your ID to make sure you were old enough to buy those cigarettes. I was trying to tell myself it wasn't you. But no I wasn't that lucky. It was you, you rat bastard. I wish you could know how it feels. Maybe then you'd learn just how much pain it caused.

TO MOM: Don't you realize that I suffer from depression? Sometimes I can't control how I react to things. I'm trying to go through therapy, but so far nothing productive has happened. Also it doesn't really help that there seems to be no f*king time for me to go to therapy.


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I loved you more than anything in the entire world. If only you could understand that I could never have children. That it's the reason I don't date. I understand that you are young, but it is no reason for you or your family to alienate me. I know the last thing I said was creepy, but you misinterpreted what I meant. All I wanted to do was have a great New Years Eve with my favorite girl in the entire world. You construed my words, and were angry with me instead. I apologized to your mother, and explained that you were not meant to see that text message. That it was an accident, but then your dad told me to stop talking to her too. Why? I'm guessing I can't talk to your dad either because he never answers back, despite never specifically telling me that I cannot contact him. At least give me some concrete boundaries! I'm too embarrassed to say anything, call, or approach your family. I'm afraid you guys will treat me like a stalker. I don't even know when I can talk to you again. I'm guessing NEVER! I am naming my future adopted (or egg donor + hired surrogate mother) daughter after you, but I hope you don't get jealous or angry because I actually did tell your dad. I doubt he even read that message though.
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