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Short story I wrote (true life)


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Long story. After fixing a lantern this morning and doing all my chores I decided the day was too nice to set inside and went garage saling. I went on Craigslist and set up 3 barn sales on my GPS. I was going to the 2nd one and came up on a festival in North Webster, the road was blocked. A young lady was waiting to turn out at a gas station right where I had to turn so I stopped and motioned her in front of me. She in turn stopped at the sign and motioned an older couple to walk across the road where we were turning. The old man was handicapped and it took him a full minute to walk across in front of her. I had no problem, I had all day just enjoying being outside. Just as he was almost across and the young lady getting ready to make the turn the little white truck behind me honked his horn. Now I had just come away from a garage sale where I found my first US made 200 lantern and it was cheap too. Plus I was smoking a cigar; I was about as mellow as anybody is ever going to get but that pissed me off. We all turned down the road and there was a 4 way stop at the next block. The little white truck pulled up behind me and I decided this jerk needed to be addressed. I clicked my seat belt off opened my door and walked back to the truck. He rolled down his window. "What was the reason for honking back there?" He replied "Oh my hand slipped and I accidentally hit the horn!" I laughed, he laughed, and we went on our merry way. Just made me think of how my therapist is always telling me "What you think is happening is not what is really happening."

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Hi just read and it made me smile

Unless you being confident and approaching made him shit himself and he lied to you lol 😂🤣
In which case he still learnt a lesson if it wasn't an accident
Manners go a long way and the biddies need a bit of love and leeway.
Wahey for standing up for the shrunken lol


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Just made me think of how my therapist is always telling me "What you think is happening is not what is really happening
That's a very true insight and a valuable one. But I think it's true value lies in not acting on those things that are not actually happening. That encounter could easily have gone another way. He might have thought you were trying to intimidate him, gotten out of the car and up into your face, and said, "Because I felt like it." What would have happened then? A violent encounter with a stranger on the street? For what? Because a motorist honked his horn? If the incident had ended with violence, that would have been real, it would really have been happening. I'm glad it turned out ok, but next time, try to remember what the therapist said before you get out of the car. I just want you and everybody to stay safe.

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