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should be happy, but not...

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I'm in my mid twenties and I grew up in a loving family environment and have friends.

long story short, I quit a perfect job in search of something better becasue i thought i was young enough. i did and tried it out, but pretty much burnt all of my savings (saved for two years) and i'm really pissed off and raged. i'm not exactly suicidal, but just at a loss of what to do. my friends all around me seem successful, and i feel so stupid at making this mistake....

what do you all think?
Sorry to hear that, I was in the same boat for a little bit. Sucks really bad, to miss your old job. Keep going, keep working. A more positive me would say: You are on your way to exactly where you are supposed to be. The me now would tell you: You've got no where to go but one foot in front of the other. Any job is better than no job.

Good luck to you.
thanks for your reply, but i don't even have a job right now. i'm living alone, now pretty much have no money...

I'd like to think that things happen for a reason and i'll only understand in a few years, but it all seems like bull**** to me right now.

i know there are others who are worse off than i am, but i don't want tocompare myself to others because this is ME. i feel underappreciated for the help i gave to my friends and just feel like life is just rotten and not for some people...i really wish i wasn't born at times because then i wouldn't have to be going through this.
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