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should I ask about bp?

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about a year ago I was diagnosed with depression after letting my parents know that I was cutting. I started on zoloft but a few months ago I basically just stopped taking it and I didn't really feel any different.

a few weeks ago I kinda randomly got really depressed for no reason, it lasted for two days then I was fine again. it's happened twice after that and I feel like I get mad at small things really easily. I've taken those random personality disorder quizes and the two issues that show up most are severe depression and bp. if I do have bp it's not that bad but I was just wondering if I should ask about it?

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I think if you have concerns it is always ok to talk to your doctor and get diagnosed properly I hope you do may give you some peace of mind hugs


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Well you want to get it sorted as soon as poss, no good leaving it, you need some sort of diagnosis....you don't want to go on feeling this way, do you have a member of your family that you can talk to?
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