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Should I be concerned?


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I drank some beer today, and I puked and there was some red in it. Am I perhaps internally bleeding?

I got medicine lately for anti-anxiety and it says so not mix with alcohol. I don't always feel like re-filling my water filter, so I usually drink beer to chug down the medicine. I got it like 4 days ago and have been drinking beer everyday.

I didn't want to visit my extended family's house today, so I chugged lots of beer before visiting, and I puked three times in the toilet and I noticed like 30% at least of it, was red stuff. I did eat like 12 strawberries yesterday, though, so idk if it's just that.

I feel a bit scared and concerned about my own health..


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Hi, sorry this is happening to you and that you're worried but I think anything RE the body and bleeding/throwing up should definitely be consulted by a doctor, not on an online forum. I think it probs is the strawberries, but it's better to get it checked out, that way, if by a slim chance it's something, can get it sorted properly.


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Could be something red you ate while drunk and forgot about? Or ulcer I’m not a doctor. Good luck buddy, maybe alcohol is not for you.

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