Should I become a writer?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Tobes, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. Tobes

    Tobes Well-Known Member

    I'm considering writing for a career. I feel that I am a fairly good writer, despite sometimes having a different outlook on things (although this can be a valuable asset). I'm not sure whether I want to write stories or articles, although I am leaning towards the latter. I am not as creative as I used to be, and usually write about what I know, or think I know.

    I am going for writing as a career because I prefer my own solitude. I get anxious in social situations, and careers that involve writing can be good for a non-social person like myself. Of course it will have it's social aspects (e.g meeting with superiors, employers and so on) but that I can handle.

    The problem I have is that I have 3 major drawbacks that are stopping me from diving into this.

    1. I am self-conscious, and may not be comfortable knowing that anybody is reading what I write without me having any control over it.
    I currently have trouble with this when I post here, and I worry that people think I am either a) a fool b) deluded or c) a deluded fool. I also tend to regret a lot of the things I have written after I write it, for no good reason.

    2. Criticism may stop me from furthering my writing.
    If I get criticized, I generally won't see it as constructive, rather as a judgment or attack(stupid, I know, but I can't seem to control this reaction).

    3. I am lazy.
    Another reason why I am choosing writing as a career is that it seems to be a relatively easy job, with the only efforts being of the mind and the fingers. However, If I were a writer, I would need to write a lot more than I do at the moment, and put a lot of effort into it to make it good. In reality, writing is a hard thing to do for someone who tends to take the easy route in life. I could continue to write at my leisure, but that would be a surefire way to fail in what is a very competitive field.

    I am still mulling this career choice over right now, but if there ever was a career I would pick, writer would be it. If you good folk could give me some advice on this subject it would be greatly appreciated. Do you think writing would be a good career choice for me, based on the style and content of my posts? Would you recommend I pursue this career, or pick something else? Have you (the reader) had any experience writing (professionally or otherwise) that you would like to share? This last one would help me get a good idea of what I would be getting into. Disregard my problems with criticism, I will need to hear it.

    Also, any other writing tips, advice, or anything else, would help me a lot.
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  2. Wastingecho

    Wastingecho Well-Known Member

    don't think you can be a writer and be lazy - not if you want to be successful
  3. Sammakko...

    Sammakko... Guest

    How old are you and have you been writer or another work before? Have you send your texts for magazines or something? Have you get feedback from anyone? What kind of writing is your mind? I worked couple of magazine at short times. I made all kind of texts, fiction and news and everything middle of it, also interviews. My writings are also some other magazines and some short ones are in the net but book projects I keep myself. Writing was like a drug for me at some point. I lost it because I struggle with insecurity. Do it but only as long as you enjoy it. Keep it hobby if it start to eat you alive.
  4. bluegrey

    bluegrey Antiquities Friend

    It would be great if you could pursue a livelihood in venture where you feel passionate. A man is wealthiest when he is doing what he likes between getting out of and back into bed. Bob Dylan said that, more or less.

    Can you start an online blog where you can write about your specialty and receive feedback from your readers, some of them well versed in your specialty, who can help you refine your technique. You can have great insights and immense talent but your work ultimately has to be marketable. I have a friend who is incredibly technically artistically talented, as good or better than anything I've seen in a SoHo Manhattan art gallery but her work is not particularly marketable. Her artistic sensibility is unconventional though.

    Writing would suit your low energy output temperament and your social limitations but your proposed profession is a lightning rod for harsh, sarcastic and very personal criticism. Some of the book reviews I have read have been viciously personal of the author when the critique should have been limited to the actual work being evaluated on it's merits.

    My personal opinion, not that it is worth much is a definite yes- you should pursue writing. Your countryman Mark Read has written (with a ghostwriter?) over a dozen popular books but his notoriety gave him marketability. I love those "Chopper Read" Ronnie Johns parodies on YouTube. :tongue: :laugh:
  5. CAD

    CAD Well-Known Member

    I don't see why not, mate. No doubt some "celebrity" like Cheryl Cole will be requiring a ghost writer for their autobiography in the near future. Don't expect a significant share of the multi-million pound deposit they will receive for "writing" it, though!

  6. Tobes

    Tobes Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the responses guys, this is awesome and encouraging advice.

    If I do go down this career path, I will take some time to get going and build up some confidence in my work. I don't want to throw myself into it and find out I'm not any good.

    Wastingecho - Good point, but my laziness, like my other drawbacks, is something I can work on and improve. If this were my job, I'm sure I would put effort into my work. Hell, I put effort into my posts, so my writing wouldn't be any different.

    Sammakko - I'm 21, and have never had anything published publicly, so this does seem to be a bit daunting. If I can get over this hump, I think I will come good.

    Thank you bluegrey, I have read some of Chopper Read's books and they are amazing. He was actually a source of inspiration for me, since he has no training in writing whatsoever. A blog would be a great way to get started, and it will be something I will seriously consider. If I can make a living off of my writing, then that would be great, but I appreciate the hard work involved in it. It will most likely be worth it.

    And yes CAD, I could very well do something like ghostwriting in the future, good idea.

    I'll keep this idea open right now, and make my decision when I'm in a better mindset. One thing about writing is that feelings get transferred onto the page, and not many people want to hear from a depressed writer (unless that's their thing). Stories maybe, but not articles or blogs.

    Thanks again for the responses, it is good advice.
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  7. flyingdutchmen

    flyingdutchmen Well-Known Member

    a good and quik way to start and find out if it is something for you is to start writing articles for various websites. do a couple for free, maybe about ten so you build a litle portfolio that you can show and after a week or two you can charge something between 5 and 10cent for every word. if you are able to write 'easy to read', 'quality' no failures, pretty fast and (very important!) UNIQUE articles i have no doubt you could start tommorow and earn money within 2/4 week. once you have done this about 2/3 months you know what kind of articles you like to write about, could be sport, politics, news etc
    a good start would be about any sport related website, they are allways in need of unique content to make their sites rank higher in google and other searchengines, the more quality content the better the website gets found (higher ranking), sometimes you may even take a existing article from another source and change it with your own style to make it unique.those articles vary from 50 words to 500words

    maybe you will find after a short while you are more into long articles, magazines or books but this would be a way to give you a fast start

    good luck and write with passion

    just my 2 cent
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  8. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    Becoming a published writer is hard-- if you're ready for it and love to write, then I say go for it! 100%
    As long as you enjoy what you do, it's definitely worth while~ <3

    Let us know when you write something, okay?
    I'm sure you could find quite a few people to act as your critics and editors-- free of charge! :lol:
  9. TerrapinStation

    TerrapinStation Well-Known Member

    No. I don't need any more competition.
  10. Sammakko...

    Sammakko... Guest

    OK so if you put your text on website just to see what people say remember:
    People are evil and envy so criticism what you get it is never honestly. People are jealous and do things only because they want to be you, they want what you just write was them and not yours. Promise to me remember that !!! When I was 17-20 or something and working at magazine management called me one day, there was another worker who was caused my text at plagiat and his proves was "I am sure I have seen that text somewhere". I was horrified, I knew how my text was born, I knew it was my own and too late I lear when people cause your text as a plagiat that is BEST COMPLIMENT EVER because they think that is written by some super cool writer -------> IT MEANS THEN YOU ARE JUST GOOD AS THEM !!!!! They cannot see the difference of hobbyist and proffessional anymore and that is your sign.

    Used to stealing. Know what is yours and use days when you have written something and idea of where it came.

    Keep your own style. Play for it, tease it, keep stick on your your styles eyes and push it but never give it away. That is what make your writings different than others and that is what people want from you. They read Potters from potter but they want tobes from tobes. Do not let anyone, ever, take your style away from you. When you see someone "give good advices" for you how to write that person have goals which do not service you at all. Many of them want you start to write the same way than some writer they already have seen and that lead you shit. Do not believe them. Keep your own style it is original.

    Let publishers eat their shit as quickly as possible. Pay your publishing yourself and nobody tell you how books have to end on this moment.

    Good luck tobes, stay STRONG !

    (too tired to fix any of grammar this time)
  11. Avarice

    Avarice Well-Known Member

    I'd love to be a writer too, but the three drawbacks stopping me from doing it are the same three that are stopping you.

    Ergo, I can't help you here. Sorry. D:
    Good luck in whatever you eventually do.
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