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Should I drop the s-bomb on my wife

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by onenineteen, Aug 10, 2007.


Should I drop the s-bomb on my wife

  1. Yes

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  2. Hell no

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  1. onenineteen

    onenineteen Antiquities Friend

    Should I tell my wife I've had suicidal thoughts?

    Tonight was very bad for me. I had a very strong urge to make my attempt tonight. It was accompanied by an even stronger urge to cut. Fortunately, it passed quickly.

    The wheels of professional therapy move slowly, so I will be suffering for a while.
    I could really really use the support of my wife. She knows I'm depressed but not the extent.
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  2. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni

    I think you should.

    You need the support, and it'd probably help how you're feeling to not hold back thoughts from her.

    If she loves you, which I'm sure she does, she'll be ultra-supportive and understanding.

    I don't know about the state of your relationship, however; so if it's already fragile, you might not want to drop something heavy on glass.

    Whatever you choose, good luck and best wishes. :hug:
  3. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    I would say yes,

    if you think she would help give you support then yes tell her..
  4. Giannasmom

    Giannasmom Member

    I say yes also. Have you spoken to a Dr. about it? Or called a hotline when you get the feeling? My daughter completed suicide in March and you just can't believe the pain people would feel over losing you that way.....it's a living nightmare. Please, tell your wife. ((((hugs))))
  5. immure

    immure Account Closed

    i m torn i lived the other one and sometimes it only made it worse when he told me. like it made it more real. maybe try and say how deeply ur feeling in a fasion that doen t breath anymore life into the feeling.
  6. onenineteen

    onenineteen Antiquities Friend

    Thanks everyone for your input. I did tell her and approached it delicately. I think it was a big step in the right direction.
  7. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni


    best wishes, take care.
  8. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    Yes, you should be open with her and let her know what is going on. Communication is an important key to relationships. Good luck with whatever you decide, dear. :hug:

    EDIT: I just saw you told her, glad you did. :)