Should I end the suffering?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by sucidalgirl99, Oct 17, 2009.

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  1. sucidalgirl99

    sucidalgirl99 Well-Known Member

    Lately I've been crying for no reason, yet I don't have many friends nor a boyfriend. School is tough, but I'm trying hard. Maybe it's time to end my life, and see the butterfiles again. People in real life aren't really interested in what I have to say, and I've got a hard time making a conversation with others. I'm very shy, so I socialize better online.
  2. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    There have been many times in my life when I have cried my heart out for no reason. Please keep posting here, we'll share what we know with you. As you learn more about socializing, things will change. I started out in life being very shy too. Now there are times when I can't stop talking! :)

  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Chargette is right i was so shy i used to cross street so i wouldn't have to walk by anyone. it does get better really. try joining a group in school that interest you speak to just one person even a day to start you will see things will get easier now no one can keep me quiet and no one ever believed how shy i was. please keep trying okay
  4. chooselife

    chooselife Well-Known Member

    It is not time to end you life, but time to start building it! You're still young; keep up with your studies and work towards your future. I was shy as well, I also had SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) but now I talk to everyone, and although life has its challenges, it can be great!

    Crying is a good thing, it unleashes a lot of pent up emotion, so cry if you feel the need to. If you do not know why you are crying it could well be the pressures you are facing. If you want friends, join some social activities and try and force yourself through your shyness. The BEST way to overcome shyness is to dive in. It might be painful at first, embarrassing, but it'll do wonders for you long term! and great for your self-esteem.
  5. ashes_away

    ashes_away Well-Known Member

    I like connecting via the web too but it will never sustain you.You need real connections.You need a psychologist and supportive parents.If your parents do not support you to get help,then talk to a school councelor.Don't be afraid to talk to a trusted teacher or guidance councelor to find avenues of support.They WILL understand.You have soooooo much to live for...but you will never know that if you try to harm yourself.If you are in high school..well its only four years.(and with some support from us and maybe a guidance councelor,you can graduate and then college is much more fun..and if youre in college..there probably hundreds of people who can relate.Why not start your own support group OR look for a support group for people with social anxiety,depression,self harmers,or ANY support group where the members would be non judgemental.(if you are in college).
    Thats alot to ask I please find someone to trust to guide you to help.I hope this forum helps you too.Everyone here understands.
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  6. HaveNot

    HaveNot Active Member

    I'm here to support you towards a great future in your years in high school and afterwards towards a great life! No one needs to die here, now...especially not You! We all love you and know that you are a lovely human being with a kind heart and a passion for breathing. I hope I cheered you up, if not alot, a bit!
  7. sucidalgirl99

    sucidalgirl99 Well-Known Member

    Awww thank you Chargette! I'll try to post more often.
  8. sucidalgirl99

    sucidalgirl99 Well-Known Member

    I've been trying, and I'll keep doing that. Don't worry, I will.
  9. sucidalgirl99

    sucidalgirl99 Well-Known Member

    Thank you. I agree with what you said.
  10. sucidalgirl99

    sucidalgirl99 Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much. I know I have a lot to live for, but it's hard sometimes.
    I'll try my best.
  11. sucidalgirl99

    sucidalgirl99 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, you cheered me up a lot!
  12. necrodude

    necrodude Well-Known Member

    you dont always need to be the first to speak. i managed to overcome my childness just by letting people talk to me and responding when i knew what to say back. its not easy. but anything can be overcome with time. but that sentence is a bit contradictory. just a positive way of saying all things must end.
  13. sucidalgirl99

    sucidalgirl99 Well-Known Member

    Very true, thanks.
  14. lost43215

    lost43215 Well-Known Member

    I was just goin to say I think a lot of us here, including me, have social problems like that. Idk how old u are, or what school ur going thru (tho from that one reply they said high school, so im guessing that). But if that's right, no need to worry about a bf just yet. I mean, it's mostly people do at that age just cause... the meaningful relationships dont really happen till ur in your 20s. Pretty much have to just boost ur self-confidence, and as Im learning now, it will take some time to do so. But I mean, if you just get out there more, maybe find some social groups or clubs to hang out with, and force yourself to meet others and ignore what they may think of you, your confidence will build up. Just have to be patient with it though, doesnt happen overnight unfortunately.
  15. sucidalgirl99

    sucidalgirl99 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm in high school. Thank you so much!
  16. kemistry

    kemistry Well-Known Member

    I have a bit (or alot) of social anxieties as well. I'm very shy even with friends that I'm comfortable with. I can form words better in my head, but when spoken they come out awkwardly so that's why I'm much preferred online conversations.
    But having good friends off the net help alot, usually I'm dead silence and have nothing to say while they are chatting away. But they are very understanding and always encourge me to get out of my shell. That's what real friends do. While others would probably just think that I'm an awkward, anti-social dude.
    But anyways, don't stress over what another person says about you. It really is unnecessary, realize that most people say things and make judgments carelessly, they wouldn't care if you are hurt by it. So don't let them get to you. When life becomes unbearable, find a friend to vent, if noone listens, post your vents here. : )
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  17. Vangelis

    Vangelis Well-Known Member

    I have a major social anxiety problem and even though I have had my ups and downs, I figured that communicating online helps boost my confidence. The only problem is that society doesn't like what I have to say or aren't interested so it forces me back into isolation. I've gone mute before when I was a kid into my teenage years. It took me until college to break out of it because I had great friends. They've moved on now, and I'm back to my mute level in a way. I have no friends now and my girlfriend lives far away, and sometimes distant, but that's ok...I have a weird way of coping with life...
  18. sucidalgirl99

    sucidalgirl99 Well-Known Member

    That's true, thanks.
  19. sucidalgirl99

    sucidalgirl99 Well-Known Member

    thanks for your story.
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