Should I feel bad for it?

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Should I feel bad for not caring about people that, in some way or another, cares about me? I don't know what I should feel about it. Yesterday some friends of mine just dropped here in my house by surprise and it shocked me. To be really honest I didn't expected that. They asked me what is the problem and I just said that they can't help me, even if I try to explain the situation. We talked a little about random things and a few minutes later they leaved. I just think I don't deserve this, they should worry about themselves, not me. I really don't know what to say or feel about this situation, it's weird.


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Hi! I don't know your story bu what they did is not weird. They are worried and came to show you they care about you and would like to find a way to help you, because the LOVE you. You're suffering. They might not be able to help but they just want you to know you're not alone and that you can count on them.
It's understandable that you can't care for them right now because all your energy is used in trying to heal from your suffering. Freud said that, when you have a toothache, all your world is that tooth. But remember this gesture of them. Perhaps you won't be able to give them back, but you will give forward standing by other people needing a helping hand.
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