should I get a new work ?

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    I'm doing a very routinely work since 2001 and the firm has about 2 months to live because of the economic crysis (except for a miracle -> read the boss is a d*****d). I'll have a meeting to discuss with an employee that offered me a new job. Should I accept this job considering:
    * I have to move to a place where I know no one.
    * the pay is less than what I get now (not for long anyway). Probably I can discuss this point in the meeting
    * overtime and offwork availability is paid (not much) forfait -> this will lead me to have no life at all outside the office, probably

    Can someone who did a similar thing while being on very low morale/self esteem/bad mood give a suggestion ? There's nothing that keeps me living here but I'm sure that nothing will change anyway so I'm really unsure...


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    This seems like a great thing to me. The further down I go the more I want to just cash out my bank, leave all forms of ID here and just drive to the other side of the country and start over with nothing. You're getting to do that but with an income source to start with. I would suggest taking the job and moving and immediatly start looking for a job you can like.