Should I go back to therapy or something

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by cymbele, Feb 26, 2016.

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    Stressed out at work. Feel like a loser. Called my pdoc yesterday because I felt like quitting which I couldn't do because then I wouldn't have health insurance to see any help. I first called my therapist whom I haven't seen in a year I was doing so well. Anyway the therapist was on vacation so I called the pdoc. He calmed me down and presented a logical case for staying. The question arises: Should I go back to therapy.

    Except for this bout of stress at work, I've had a pretty good year. While life hasn't been wonderful it has been good enough that the SI thoughts abated. Yes, there are things to work on but in general I had been at peace. The pdoc has been therapist every six weeks when we meet to discuss meds and moods. But I am having trouble handling the stress of work. The therapist knows this. But she hasn't seen me in a year so she doesn't know how I've been doing. And I usually don't get any coping skills from her so I would still be muddling my way through the stress. But I feel guilty for calling the pdoc and I'm sure that he's going to ask if I've seen the therapist at the next visit. So I need to ask you, the reader, for your thoughts.
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    It seems like you could benefit from having a therapist to talk to you, but perhaps not the same therapist? I just say this because you present a lot of reasons why it would be helpful and that you do benefit from meetings with pdoc- then the add in about "usually don't get any coping skills from her so I would still be muddling my way through the stress" which leads me to believe perhaps you do want to have therapy, but want more from it in terms of tangible useful skills. So maybe either a different therapist, or just be direct with current therapist and say I would like to try meeting again and focus on coping skills that can help me instead of just talk/psychotherapy? You will make the right decision for yourself in the end, whichever it is - and even if at some point in the future it changes have confidence that whatever you decide was right for you at the time you made it., so that trying to decide does not just become additional unneeded stress.
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    I think you would really benefit from going back to therapy. And yes, perhaps a new one.
    It's always good to get a fresh perspective on things.

    You deserve to let yourself get some help *hugs*