Should i go or not

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Should i go?

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  2. Don't go

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  1. JBird

    JBird Well-Known Member

    My mum disapeared for a while but she back now. She came by on my birthday and bought me a gift and card.
    She put a letter in the card which was told some home truths and gave explanations for stuff. She's given me some numbers of the doctors she's been seeing and the alcohol clinic she's been visiting so i can see that she's trying to make an effort.

    Well, she's invited me to lunch tomorrow, i'm not beng pressured to go or not to go, i just don't know if i should. I know i can't ask you if i should go or not but what do you think?
  2. You acknowledge her trying and trying to reach out to you either to make amend or to establish (at YOUR OWN PACE) a relationship based on truth and renewal that may lead
    to a family reformation of a nucleo including healthy people and relations. You've got nothing to lose but lots to gain. Alcoolism is an illness and shouldn't be discarted as a leprosus. She curing herself with help, may have a relaps as in any illness, but with the right surpport, she can come out of it.

    Up to you to grab her hand or turn your head the other side ad deny her reaching hand.

    Either way it goes, I wish you to be able to live well with your choice.

    p.s. she gave you life and cared for you and hasn't always been ill and always love and looked for you before her illness overcame her. Just a thought. Think it over. You might just find a loss mother or find somethig unexpected worth being found that yourself is missing. Good luck
  3. man

    man Well-Known Member

    My vote is go


    all my family is alchoolics dad, step mom, mom, step dad,

    All are sober (for now) but my mom who isn't so bad

    My step dad and dad have been in and out of rehab it hasn't always worked

    Each time I just try to show them that I like what they are doing by going sober

    It has worked out ok
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