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Should I go?

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Hello there,

So I have been feeling down, and just thinking i'm better of dead. My personal life has been slowly coming to a halt, I don't even go out with friends anymore..

So about three days ago I thought it was time to call it quits, I bought a coke can, and drank half of it, then I poured a little FUNGI cleaner found in our Janitorial closet at work, my stomach started hurting BAD, but I woke up the next day. That day (the day after) I sneaked back in the janitorial room and did the same exact thing but with a different chemical, it said it should NOT be disgested and NOT to be mixed with any other chemical, when as soon as I drunk it my throat burned and my stomach was killing me.. A few hours later the pain grew and grew.. Well I'm still here, but now I'm worried about wtf I did to my inside.. My stomach still hurts every now and then.. What do you recommend? Should I pay my Emergency room a visit? If so, what would I say? I drank some liquids to kill myself? NO WAY!


Drinking liquids that you do not know much about may not kill you as you want, but it might cause you to live with serious physical injury like kidney failure. If you think that your life is bad now, think of your life on a dialysis machine and waiting for a kidney transplant. Trust me....life will get worse then because you will still have your emotional/psychological problems but now combined with a serious physical impairment/disability.
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for the pure factor of the title you gave this post 'should i go' then NO i dont think you have finalised it enough for it to be the right thing to do. think about what you can live for and cross the bridge of going when you come to it...

here for you huni x
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