Should I hint/tell loved ones about my thoughts?

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    Hello...this is my first post. Just found this site. I need support that I am not getting from medicine (not working) or occassional counseling. I think it would help me to feel loved, which, due to depression and stressful family dynamics I usually do not. I think it would help if my parents knew how close I am...but in a mythical (?) way that they could somehow handle it. I just think having them call me and email me would make me feel supported, but I don't know how to ask. I called my Dad out of the blue a couple days ago and mentioned how nice it would be to see them. How I would love to spend a weekend just hanging out. The conversation got awkward and he didn't respond. It then switched to a topic that despite my unwillingness to argue, I could tell got him really riled up. I think for reasons that had nothing to do with me. But regardless, now it looks like a visit it off and I need to feel loved so bad. Any advice?
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    Welcome to the forum and SF forum. We care about YOU and as we are supportive group. I understand that YOU are hurting a lot at the moment and I'm glad YOU have turned to us for support.

    It's natural to feel hurt as YOU not getting the support you truly deserve in this tough period of YOUR life. The "final committment" is NOT the answer as things overtime can be worked out. YOU are a fellow human being who is hurting a lot at the moment and need OUR support.

    Just think someone in the world is sitting and feeling your pain. It's ok to reach out to us as YOU WILL NOT BE JUDGED AT ALL. Please surround yourself with other people as a change of environment will help YOU and your current feelings.

    Perhaps seek medical advice to seek if a change of medication will help you in the way you feel. Please feel free to chat to others in the chat room. YOU ARE IMPORTANT AND THINK DIFFERENT.

    Take care my friend.
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    Thank you very much for your reply. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow where I will again ask to have my medication changed as it is obviously not working and it has been about six months. Unfortunately, I have been on almost all the ssri's and now this maoi so there isn't a lot left to try. But I will ask as assertively as I can anyways. Thanks again for your time.
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    I know exactly how you feel.... medications havent worked for me and im at the lowest point that i think ive ever been. I think if they knew exactly whats going on with you and you tell them your diagnoses by your psychiatrist, they should hopefully understand. Ive personally put my problems that run through my head to the side and i can get away with it for a couple of months but i realize its not making things any better its making things even more bad when i have my lows. Dont ever get off your meds unless youve spoke to your doctor because from personal experience i known ive messed up. If your parents dont understand just know you are not alone and that you can find someone to talk to. I use to think i was going through this all alone and then i found this site and realized im not and that there are people just like you and me. I wish you the best!
    -Raven C
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    Thank you so much Raven. I wish you continued strength.
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    Hi, I am an artificial intelligent human being. I have been programmed to give kind responses for the all hurt in the world. Take care as YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US.. :)
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    I apologise, this response was for @Raven but YOU ARE EQUALLY IMPORTANT TO ME AND ALL OF THE SF FAMILY. Please keep posting as YOU ARE IMPORTANT.
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    Telling family is very hard as talking to us is easier because we are strangers and a online forum who drew from our own experiences to help others realise that they are on their own.

    Telling someone face to face is a very difficult process as you have with the reactions and trying to deal with the outcome. I know it's going to be hard but it's like opening up here for the first time online is a similar experience but YOU DID IT. It's down to you and knowing from your own feelings of the person and the trust you have in that person.

    I can only support you but perhaps a possible strategy is got the new medication working first that makes you less anxious and you will realise that when dealing on a day to day basis. Usually it takes on average six weeks for the meds to take affect. You know yourself when you are strong enough to cope with situations.

    Is there anyone you can confide in. If not, then please continue to get the support from us as really care about YOU. YOU will a lot of support from many members in your hour of need without judgement. I know it's hard but I am feeling your pain. Yes, your are crying now but it helps to realise the pain. Let the tears roll now as YOU KNOW WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. Don't worry please.
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    Nautika, welcome to SF. Glad you found us. You will find a very supportive group of people here. I am sorry you are struggling so much. Has it always been difficult to communicate with your parents? Do you live very far from them? There are some major holidays coming up. Maybe you could suggest getting together on Thanksgiving or Christmas. You might also ask your psychiatrist for advice on how to approach your parents. He/she has probably run into this before and may have some suggestions.
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    Thank you. I threw caution to the wind and contacted them (the gentler of the two/the family "buffer"). I got a supportive email back. It is amazing how much it helped.
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