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should i or should i not...? :o

soo..., i was in a relatiomship with a boy for a month && towards the end of our relationship i met someone else.
Iam attracted to this new guy.
While on the phone with this new guy my boyfriend (at the time) broke up with me.
&& once he found out, he told me he liked me a lot && to be honest i like him a lot to;
we have a lot in common; he plays introments i want to learn (guitar && piano), we're both bisexual, we laugh together, very comfterable with eachother, && so on;
all in all he is my ideal dream guy, but the thing is, i cant decide if i should take the relationship any further do to the fact i just got out of a relationship....
ive lost all feelings for my Ex, && have gained a great amount for this gentlemen, but....should i date him so quickly?
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Personally, I'd say it would be fine. Just try not to dump what ever you feelings you have from the previousl relationship onto this new guy. But I have no relationship experience so it's not like I'm the best advisor, :laugh:.


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I'd say, go for it.
I don't mean to offend, but I don't consider a month to be a significant relationship - more a trial at what may be a relationship, if that makes sense? At least, it doesn't sound like you had extremely strong feelings for your now-ex, so I wouldn't worry about that.
But if I'm wrong and you were absolutely crazy about him, keep thinking about him, can't deal with the break-up etc, then stay away from this new guy.
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everythings positive isnt it? you have a lot in common, an he was aroun and there for even when you already had a bf and thing werent exactly in his favor. why not give him a try? and if youre still feeling tuck in the previous relationhip, why not tell him?
then you can get over it and then give this guy a full hearted shot. =)
all the best! :hug:

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I'd say tread cautiously. This guy caught you at a time where he perceives you as being vulnerable (lots of guys take advantage of this period of a woman's life), especially since you just got out of what seemed like a lame fling rather than relationship. My advice would be to date him but as a new friend, have fun, get to know him, no sex. That means no-entry signs at all holes (mouth, anus, vagina, ears, etc.). Nothing sexually intimate at this point.

It also depends on what exactly you're looking for. Another lame fling, a boyfriend to go to the movies with and have sex and that's it, or an actual relationship where there is some form of commitment? When you decide, then you'll know what kind of chemistry to look for between the two of you while you're in phase one.

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