Should I reach out?

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Should I reach out to people I dont know? I have an opportunity to meet some people Ive met on a forum, but can I risk the rejection, I want them to accept me so badly it hurts, Im so desperate to belong somewhere, that the pain of their rejection will kill me, But if I dont reach out, if I dont make an effort I will die. What should I do, I have to belong somewhere, i have to. Its life or death, this pain is too much to bear, its been my burden for so long.

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You should be careful meeting up with someone from a forum unless you know who they are if anything bring someone with you okay and go to a public place so you have people around you until you get to know these people


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I have to, there has to be more to life than this, and its slipping by every day. I'm so tired of being trapped in my tiny world, but without friends I cant get out there and experience it. If I dont then i will die, i am sure of it, and if they turn out to be dangerous and kill me, well at least i will have really, truly lived, by taking charge of my life. A moment of true living is worth all these empty years that have dragged by, I would give anything for that.


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I'd say it can be a good idea as long as you're careful and meet up in a public place, and set up your own transportation. Another thing I'd suggest is to make sure the person you meet with isn't in a destructive mode and won't have much of a risk of enabling any bad thoughts you may have.

I'm new here, so I can't attest as to the moral fiber of everyone, but most here seem be reasonable enough to meet (although I already know of one person who (in my opinion) doesn't deserve your acquaintance. I think others who've been here much longer would be a better resource as to whether someone is relatively safe to meet or not.

Good luck, and stay safe!
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The die has been cast, now I have to see what happens. Im scared shitless though, what if I get rejected by them, i think that will destroy me, but i cant stay inside this shell forever, too afraid to go out for fear of failure. Should I back out, or go through with? Please help, im very unsure about this, all I know is if i dont try then it will be the end of me.
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