Should I start dating again?

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by SAVE_ME, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. SAVE_ME

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    I dunno....part of me still feels bitter about the break up with my ex, but things have calmed down a lot now, and we're back on speaking terms although we'll probably never be as close as we were. Part of me is kind of urging me to get back onto the dating scene, but I'm not so sure. Am I truly ready to start dating again? Or is it just because I don't want to be alone and I'm trying to 'replace' her? Should I wait it out even longer? Thoughts?
  2. flayflow

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    the right person will come when you least expect it
  3. resistance

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    Only you can truly answer that question. I do suggest that if/when you decide to go into a relationship you take it slow and see how it ends up, maybe when you get back into a relationship it just won't feel right and that'll answer the question for you... but then at the same time when you go into a relationship it may feel right, depends on the person and how you're feeling within yourself about the situation.. flayflow was spot on.
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    Its Happened To Me And I Very Seldome Follow My Own Advice.