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Should I tell a girl I'm depressed??

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I need your advice please. I've recently met a girl I really like. I haven't been in a realtionship for years and finally decided to do something about it. The problem is she doesn't know I suffer form depression. Should I tell her? I would really like to open my heart but am afraid I'd scare her. What do you think? Tell her or keep pretending everything's fine?
I myself would share these things with her so down the road she isn't confused or anything of the sort...so.. she knows and can understand....I would be honest about it if I was you... but it's your choice. Good luck!! :hug: :hug:
I agree with Carolyn :)

Personally, I would tell her :) - saves any complications or confusions later on... However, as has been mentioned, it is your choice...

Good luck :)

Take care

I think you should open up to her as well, take it slowly. Tell her one thing at a time, day by day. Watch her reaction, i dont know how long you have been with her but if you care about her or love her than you should show her or tell her about all aspects of you so later on down the road if it gets serious she won't be blindsided by things you never told her.

Best of luck hun.


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Defnitly tell her. But tell her straight. I'de say something like "ok, i'm depressed a lot. I wanted to tell you so I have no secrets from you and i hope you don't think i'm being weird, i just want to be honest".
You might even find that your depression gets better because you won't feel as alone. Good luck.


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TELL HER!!!! If not when she sees things she's not sure about she might decide to leave entirely. Maybe don't tell her how depressed you are, but allow her access to your feelings, whatever they may be. Make sure to schedule time for her too, and time for yourself.


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I just went through this--do I tell someone I think I care about---. I worried myself literally sick. Finally--I arranged it when I knew I had time to explain it, if I had to. It ended up--we talked forever it wasn't--but it was like an 18 hour spill my guts/her guts session. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. What we did--is worked out--that if my depression was being triggered by the relationship--that "we" would have to sit down and work it out. If my depression was being triggered by other things--then I would be honest about it--and that if she could help--she would listen if it would help-but if not--she would give me the space I needed. So far--it has worked out tremendously. No--she isn't my counselor, but sometimes just sharing is the best thing. She is also far more cautious now of my feelings, which has given me the confidence to do what I need to get better.

Hope this helps--and good luck whatever your decision is
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