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Should I tell someone that I want to commit suicide?

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I have this feeling like if I tell someone (in real life but not therapist) then it will somehow help things. But I don't know what will happen if I do. Of course, I wouldn't tell just anyone. I would say it to only someone I trust. I need some advice from people that have told others. I don't want to hurt someone or make them worry constantly about me. Sometimes I worry that if I tell someone, they will get me to be an inpatient in some hospital, which I really don't want.
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Pretty soon I will have an appointment with a psychiatrist. I'm not on meds yet though because I have never been to a psychiatrist before. The idea of being on meds is kind of scary though, because of all the potential side effects.


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twilight I'm glad to see you're going to see a Psychiatrist and make sure you tell him/her everything it's a must that you do.In regards to medication there are side effects but nothing so drastic,some people feel the effects more than others and they can really help also.But it's important that you discuss this with you Psychiatrist when you visit,write anything down that you feel you may want to ask also.
that is cool that you have an appt. set. like said earlier it will only be helpful to share everything, and because that is what you want to do (suicide) doesn't mean you will be hospitalized. only if you are going to act on it then it is neccessary to go in. i feel like it all the time but it doesn't mean i will act on it, but when i do that is when i go in. you can make it just keep talking here if you would like. we're all ears, and please take care.


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You shouldn't just tell anyone about this. There are unfortunately many people that will totally react the wrong way to your suicidal thoughts, being angry towards you, ignoring you, telling you rudely to snap out of it, etc. Many people won't look at you the same way again after you tell them you feel suicidal or may give you not very helpful advice. I wish you luck in finding the right person to talk to about your serious feelings. You should tell someone but not just anyone. Good luck.
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