Should I tell?

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I was wondering.
No one near me knows about my drepression, suicidal thoughts etc.
Should I tell them or go to a psychologist? Does that really help?
Because I don't want to hurt them, I don't want them to be afraid, I don't want the attention etc, I don't want them to keep an eye on me all the time etc
But I do want to get better...


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I want you to imagine someone very close to you is struggling with suicidal thoughts, depressed and really struggling. Would you want this person to tell you they are going through this or would you prefer they just keept it to themselves so you would never know about it? Chances are you would WANT this person you really care about to tell you so you could be supportive of them, be there for them. And you would appreciate that they could be honest with you and tell youwhen they were really struggling and hurting.

Not everyone reacts this way though, sometiems parents or friends flip out cuase they don't know how to respond. But it is to your benefit in getting better to have peope aroound you who know and care about you during this illness.
Never looked at it that way. Thanks. I know for sure the reaction of my parents will be good. They would do everything for me, but that makes it also so hard to tell it them. But I'll try to tell it them. Thanks for the advice
I think you should see a psychologist, get actual help, yeah. But I also think that you should tell your family and/or friends something...even just that you're not doing too great they can support you too :)
Just my two cents.
I hope it works out for you :)
When my mum found out (she saw some cuts on my arms) it was such a relief, she was so supportive. I found out that when she was my age she'd also had problems with eating disorders and depression and so she's been really great to talk to about things.

My close friends know as well and I find that it really helps. It can be frustrating when they're always keeping an eye on you, like checking your arms for cuts or making you eat, but having them know how you're feeling means that they can attempt to help. Which is nice :)

Good luck :hug:
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