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should i tell....?

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uuhm.., where to start...,
well my mother verbally abuses me && she has been since i can remember. i dont really know why she does it, but she only does it to me, not my sisters.

Lately its gotten worst && worst.
honestly, im afraid to be in the same household as her,
yesterday night she beat me with a belt && yelled at me.

Three good friends of mine say i should tell somebody...,
but im afraid.
They say that she is abusing me emotionally and that is considered abuse in the Laws eyes.

They also said i should tell the school so that the school wont let me leave with her....,

what should i do........? :'/


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Is there a trusted adult you can talk to? You should not be in an abusive situation...can you tell her how it feels and that she needs to stop? Also, is there a counselor in your school you can confide in? Please find someone you trust to talk to...and let us know what is going on...big hugs and so sorry your mother does not know what a precious jewel she has...these are her problems, not yours...J


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Yes you do need to tell someone and there should be should be someone at your school or maybe a doctor.
Your mother probably has problems herself and is taking them out on you.
Your friends are concerned for you and rightly so.
But with help your problems may be resolved.
So do not be afraid to ask for help.


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It's a difficult situation, but I think you should try and talk to either an elder family member you trust, or preferably a school counsellor. It may be hard, but you certainly don't deserve the abuse you're receiving, and talking to a professional will be the first step towards things hopefully changing. Please message me if you ever feel like you need to talk.
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