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should I?

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ok, I found out recently that I have until next august to decide whether or not to press charges on the guy that raped me. So, I don't know if I should. I mean...I know that if I do press charges then they will make me relive the whole thing...but that isn't so bad I guess, because I relive it every night in my sleep. So, do you think I should. Because, I'm confused. I want to, because I know that if I don't I'll always wonder what i could have done, and stuff...but...please help


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well, no matter what you do, it wont fix what he did. personally, i would definitely do it. i need money though. also, i'm a revenge-type person. also, if you don't what's to stop him from doing it again?
I personally would press charges, for the simple fact that he could do this again to someone else in the future, i would want to stop him while i have the chance but its your decision, someone people can't handle the while court process so its completely up to you what you decide is right, follow your heart.

I hope it all works out for you,

Vikki x
You should probably presscharge him. What he did is unforgivable and you should go all in for giving him in. That's just how i think, but i want revenge on everything, maybe you aren't that type, but it's the smartest


I would do it even if I REALLY didn't want to. Maybe it will prevent it from happening to someone else.

I'm very sorry it happened to you.


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do it...not only to get him to stop doing it to others..but to show you aren't weak and that you'll take whatever he gives you. kick it to him.

- Henry


That's a tough one because you will most likely have to look at the freak in court.

I'd say yes because you'dprove to that freak you are strong..

As others have mentioned at least another child won't be harmed.

Listen to your sixth sense, Maybe paray on it. Personallly you could send him here and he'd wish he was in prison. I have no mercy on them freas

I say definately do it, and I can bet he's done it to others s well.

Whatever you decie is the rght thing for you.
see that's just the thing, I know he has done it to others! Another girl pressed charges, and well...I didn't. So, I blame myself that it happened to her, because, if I had pressed charges, he wouldn't have been able to do it to her. But, I can still add time to his sentence. I think I'm gonna do it.
I just contacted the sheriff's department to find out how I am going to do this..I am freaking out, and my heart is racing. I am starting to hyperventalate. I spelt that wrong... OH MY GOD!


I just contacted the sheriff's department to find out how I am going to do this..I am freaking out, and my heart is racing. I am starting to hyperventalate. I spelt that wrong... OH MY GOD!
Hang on, honey. Hang on. BREATHE. Shut your eyes. Watch your breath. Everything you breathe in now is all good things, and every exhale gets rid of the bad.

You are courageous. Very tough. I say good for you.

As far as that other poor girl, baby that is NOT YOUR fault!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE believe me. I can say this first hand. I can count easily twelve kids my perp raped after me. I felt beyond awful. Beyond death. GUILT???? Big time.

Right now that is past and you have to focus on YOU. Your city most likely has a crisis center. Even if you give them a call someone will talk to you. I did that and they hooked me up to a group. Baby, I was in a roomfull of ladies, and a few guys all felt like you do.

IT IS HIS FAULT. You will need strength to get through this. In my opinion you did the right thing. Keep posting. Look up an organization like RAINN or a WOAR, and I am sure it will help immensely. We're here for you.


I felt so sad as I read your post. My heart melted as I read through all the posts, especially when you were saying that you called the sherrifs dept. I don't even know you but I felt so proud of you. I hope I'm not coming across as condescending because I don't mean to. I just want to let you know you're not alone in what you're going through.

I'm going through the same process too; I'm currently pressing charges against the man who raped me 13 years ago. It took so long to be ready to do it. I know exactly what your mind does to you at a time like this:...the guilt, the self doubt, the fear. I have panic attacks too sometimes...I think, 'My God, what am I doing? Will anybody believe me?' But then I think 'I have to do this for me'...I need some closure and this is just one more step in that process.

Do you have a good support system around you? Family members, friends?


If you want to, let me know what happens. Tell me to get lost if you feel I'm being pushy or wierd. I just wanna help:smile:
Your not being pushy or weird. And i did call the sheriff. I didn't expect myself to freak out about it though, because i had told my story to others before. But the minute I picked up the phone to call, I started crying, and couldn't stop. He(the deputy guy) came down to my school and took my statement. It scared me. It was the same guy that had gotten me into some trouble...so I didn't think her would believe me...but he did. And now, well, i hope that I can get the guy who raped me more time in jail, because he only got 3 years last time. For raping a 10 year old girl. It scared that shit outta me, and pissed me off, that he would only get 3 years. For raping someone that was about 10 years younger than him. He is about 20 right now, I only know that because he is 6 years older than me (he raped me when I was 10, and he was 16.) I hope that I have the strength to do this.
you should because ..

you reliving it.. BUT after he get arrested.. you will be relieved that you finally put him behind bars.

but if you dont.. your gonna have to deal with it MORE


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I know how horrible those nightmares are, having PTSD myself.

I'm sorry you're having to go through all this at the moment, it's just awful. But you're doing the right thing. It's hard, but if you can stay strong and add time to this bastard's sentence then it'll definitely be for the best.

It'll probably even make you feel a lot better in the long run. You'll know he's getting what he deserves.

I think you are very very brave.


I'm here if you want to talk.
ya, he was already behind bars, for raping someone else. But, now the nightmares are coming back SO much worse.
hey, songie, hold on, okay. Sooner or later it will all get better. And, we are all here for you! At school, and at all hours of the night. I hope that the nightmares are getting better. love, deathfilled
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