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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Beka, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. Beka

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    Maybe, I should just at least consider going to see my doctor.

    I think I'm hallucinating. I'm not sure. It started two weeks ago when I was at work (I work nightshifts) and I thought I saw a severed foot hidden in the shelves. I wrote it off as me being tired so I ignored it. Then last week I started seeing shadows everywhere, making me think that someone's following me even though there is, in fact, nothing there. Then last night I was out with some friends and they were messing around, taking photos in a full length mirror when they told me to go over. As soon as I saw myself I saw my arms covered from hands to elbows completely covered in scars. I have no scars on my arms apart from the occasional cat scratch. That just about scared the absolute crap out of me. Causing me to basically run away and my friends to keep bugging me what was wrong.
    I didn't say anything and they left me alone, just giving me strange looks.
    Now I'm super paranoid, I don't want to hallucinate like that again, especially in front of people because that gets them asking questions when I react.

    Later on during last night, everyone was saying my name, I don't know why, they were just saying it, shouting it. Which , because of my social anxiety, made me run out, crying. Now they know I'm basically a freak.

    Everything is shit. I'm SI-ing a lot more than usual. A friend found out and he isn't talking to me the same.
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    Please talk to a doctor about what you are experiencing. No one can diagnose what is going on by cyber and if you are concerned, please follow up
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