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Should the Human Species CHOOSE to Go Extinct?

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Ok :) I defiantly agree love and compassion are so important. But then again........... We're talking about billions of individuals with different perceptions wants and desires. Some living life to benifit eachother, others living life for personal gain by any means necessary. And even in that, love can become blind to the realities around it. I kinda feel like im walking into a "look at the fool talk" but yeah love is fundamental. It reminds us that it's not just for the individual but for everyone else, away from the concrete foundations that logic and a calculated mind create.

Love though isn't a driving purpose for a society in my opinon though. It's a driving force, but not a primary direction. You'd think it would be to better ourselves and life around us, maybe explore and find some new exiting shit for us to play with. But... meh idk. Financial captial and mediums like this spring to mind as driving purposes. Who can control and own the most. I don't think humanity even see ourselves as a race, we're so split into different socities that the common bond that makes us all one species is barely used.

The human species will do just fine, as long as there are plenty of highly fertile women.
What's your definition of fine?


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Speak your mind: don't worry about what others think, unless one of the people is your boss.

By "fine," I mean the Earth will be filled with living humans.
lol, unfortunatly for me, Id still speak my mind to my boss :tongue: Probably explains alot :dry:

Your answer is.. filled with humans. Kinda circular to your orignally post though, unless you've changed tunes to it. :sad:

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Your answer is.. filled with humans. Kinda circular to your orignally post though, unless you've changed tunes to it. :sad:
I've changed tunes: just because I am a sissy does not mean all other humans are. Most humans are emotionally strong and will continue to be reproductively successful. Humans are like cockroaches: cockroaches are praised for surviving over millions of years under the harshest conditions. Humans will always be plentiful no matter what, and they will be happy.


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lol. Well I don't think you're a sissy :hug: I think it depends on how we live our lives as a species overall. We'll survive till tomorrow, but how we do it is a different matter. We're moving so fast now a days with moral and ethical debates and situations, that perhaps we could move forward in a more, respectful and understanding way.

You're first post has substance, alot of it. I think you know that too. Those issues aren't going to go away, but from my perspective, the more aware we are of these situations that other people are enduring, we can make better choices for tomorrow, and better choices today. Like as you say, not having 100 flippen kids. Perhaps looking into how other people are suffering, comparing their quality of life to ours ect. It just matters how we as a people and as individuals choose to tackle them. And more importantly, I kinda think it's important to not let the weight of the world today, and the possible issues of tomorrow dictate who we are right now.

I don't particularly priase survival, it's kind of what we do during that survival aswell that makes the difference.


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Absolutely not.

Yes, we have a bad track record under a certain light, but there's a lot of good that comes out of it. If anybody is guilty, it's our parents for giving us life. But I can't blame them now that I've been here. I'm not different than them now. I'm guilty of too many things to list. But I like to look on the bright side of things even though I do occasionally look on the dark side too. I guess you could say I'm more indifferent about it. I think we should continue on. Build better things. Go further. Get smarter. And so on.

It's the possibility, the potential! Why stop now?

I understand the pain you feel when you look at the dark side. The unpleasant feeling. The sense of hopelessness. But everytime that happens and I'm on the edge like that, I pull myself away. I realize at that point that, ultimately, meaning is contextual and we're its source. There is no absolute meaning. There're OFFs and ONs. Everything just -is-. Anything is possible. If you quit now, you'll never know what might have been. It's all of the things that MIGHT happen that keep me going and looking forward to the future.

Life is like a blank sheet of paper. It's meaningless without us. WE are love. WE are hate. WE are everything.

That's not to say reality doesn't exist outside. It does. But without us here, the universe wouldn't be a thought.

When we look at a galaxy through a telescope, we're THINKING it. We're as much it as it's.

Would a universe exist, if there was no intelligence to perceive or sense it?

For all intents and purposes, the universe is us because everything that is or will be is a thought.

Everything you've ever known and believe about reality is inside you!

And everything you will ever know will be a thought and also exist inside you.

So reality is thought. It doesn't matter if things are separate. EVERYTHING WE KNOW IS THOUGHT.

What does all this mean? I think what it means is that everything is in the eye of the beholder.
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I'd like to see the human race wiped off the face of the earth,wether they choose to or not.We are the scum of the earth and do nothing but take all it's resources and pollute it. I can only imagine how beautiful this earth would look with no trace of us here.
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