Should the mentally ill drink coffee?

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by snapshotsthebook, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. moderation. Just like anybody we need sleep. I especially do because I'm bi-polar. So therefore I enjoy my morning cup(s) but don't drink coffee after noon. Soda doesn't have the same effect so I'm more liberal with that.
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    Absolutely, in proportion just like anyone else. To deny them something simple like that would be tantamount to taking away their rights as a human being. While some illnesses symptoms may be more apt to flair due to caffeine intake, one also has to realize that chance is also there due to sugars (both artificial and natural), and other forms of caffeine (such as teas, sodas and chocolate). Like anyone else, coffee in the morning (as you mentioned) is great, and there's no harm in drinkiing a bit throughout the day. But again, like anyone else (mentally ill or otherwise) drinking coffee past a certain time will keep them up - and sleep is very important.
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    I drink coffee and I'm
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    I drink coffee which actually helps me stay calm o_O I believe anything in moderation is a good thing. Myself... I drink a pot or more a day. Of course it's spread out throughout the day. Got to love my Grandpa who enjoys it lol.

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