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Should this be an hello or Goodbye

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Hey to all the wounderful people on this site.

To be able to go onto a site and see a wounderful amount of support from different people is over realming. If only the people around me at home who say they care could be as supportive instead of choicing to turn away. I dont blame them for turning it just seems to make the situration so much more worse. To lose people who you care so much about but can never chose to see again even though you know where they are is sooooo painful.

Well with any luck this will turn into an hello and not a good bye. My user name should be mixed up or something similar cos at the moment its like having a battle going on in my head. one minute dieing seems real good but then 5 minutes later i seem to have changed my mind. Well at the moments everythings an up.

Sorry for blabbing on.
No need to say sorry for blabbing :smile: thats what the sites for :smile:

I'm sorry you feel this way, it really sucks :sad: but i hope you can find some strength to hold on to life :smile:

Hope to see you around

Take care



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Don't apologize for letting off steam - that's healthy. And that's why we're here, to listen and care for each other.:smile: As diverse and distant as we all may be, The Force (of love) keeps us bound together. Welcome to the forum.:smile: I hope you can find the love and friendship you need. We have a lot of those qualities on this site. I think you'll like being a member of our family!:smile:



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It takes you 5 minutes to change your mind? Heck, mine can change in 1 minute, LOL

Sometimes it can take hours.. ::sigh::

Even now I am flirting with death, toeing the line, so to speak. I can't promote distraction enough.. a movie, a trip to the mall or store.. a puzzle or a video game. Something that you can get absorbed in. Maybe art and drawing, or music or writing.

Distraction does not solve anything but it can put a cushion between you and self destructive thoughts and urges. This cushion gives you more leverage over your choices.

Therapy or talking to friends or venting here on this site.. these are all good ways to deal with the fuel thats feeding the fire, so to speak. We're all here for various reasons, and we can distract ourselves from that pain but everntually we need to tap it and vent it to avoid a build up.

I'm glad your writing and sharing with us. I'm glad your alive. Where there is life there is choice. Where there is choice there is hope. Keep hope alive.
Welcome to the forum. i did not find what you had to say as blabbing at all. I am glad you found the courage to post and let us know what is going on so we can offer support to you. I hope this is a hello and remains that way. I will look forward to seeing you around the forum. Take care. :hug:
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