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    Here are some shoutouts to all my loverly SF friends. Everyone here deserves so much better than what they have been dealt, and I should be here to help, not to screw things up more. Try as I might, I always end up saying the exact wrong thing, hurting someone in the process. So here is to all of my friends here at SF, one at a time.

    Frankie(poo) ~ You have been wonderful to me, I just wish I was better to you. I tend to take our friendship for granted, and I shouldnt. I know there is going to come a time when I go to far with one of my smartass comments and it will be over. I am sorry for that, you dont deserve it. You have always been so supportive and kind to me, as well as everyone else on chat, helping out even when you feel horrible yourself. Know that I am always here for you to talk to hunny, Always... About anything, anything at all. I owe you my life, and I am eternally grateful to you, even if I do tend to backtalk. I :wub: you daddy.

    Courtney ~ Oh my bob, I Love you! You are such a sweety. I am so glad you are still with us, even if that means you have to put up with my shit. You are Always helping people, even when you are drained or tired or annoyed, you refuse to give up on them. That shows alot about your character as a person. You dont deserve anything bad to ever ever happen to you, and I am sorry it has. I will be here for you. As I wrote in one of my poems,

    I will stand beside you
    I will offer a shoulder to cry on
    And the encouragement to live on

    Keep hanging in there Courtney, Everyone here at SF has been positively affected by you. You deserve to be happy, and I will do everything in my power to help you get there. :wub: you Wifey :)

    Bobo ~ Wow... what a girl... Although I must say I didnt realize you were a female until you called that one night... We dont talk as much as we used to, but when we do, it is always enjoyable. I really wish things were easier for you. You dont deserve anything that has happened to you. Such a fun-loving person, I just hope one day you feel better. :wub: you :)

    Jo ~ You have been on the forums for such a short time, yet you have impacted so many people positively. You are so loving and kind toward everyone. I hope things get better sweety, I care so much about you. You are having a tough time, let us help you through. You dont always need to be the strong one, let us help you sometimes. :wub: you hunny. I hope the people we spoke of earlier turn out to be ok, and are just taking a break for a bit.

    Jasmin ~ Oh My Buddha! No words can describe how wonderful you are. You are in and have been through a difficult time, but you are so cheerful and lovely to be around. You can always manage to brighten my day just by being here. I hope that man of yours has some sense knocked into him soon and he realizes that he needs you as much as you need him. *huggles* :wub: you! Take Care of yourself! You deserve it :)

    Joey ~ It has been a while since I have seen you on chat, and I am not going to lie, I am getting worried. I hope you are ok and are just taking a break for a little bit. I am going to call you later. Sorry for not being here when you PM me! It is like we are in different time zones, although we oddly enough are not. I :wub: you hunny. Dont be afraid of talking to me, I am always here for you hunny!

    Andrea ~ I know you are taking a break from SF and might not even see this message, but wow, good times. I am sure I have said some hurtful things to you in the past, and I am really very sorry about that. You are always so wonderful to be around in chat, you always brighten my day with your loverly rants. I miss you sweety, come back to us very soon! I love you!!!!

    Candy ~ I know that you too are prolly not going to see this message, as you are inpatient right now, but I Love you so much sweety. I hope we stay in touch. I really enjoyed talking to you while you were here. Gaby is such a lovely girl, you have done a great job raising her. Remember that you are her mother and she loves you, even if she doesnt say it, or even says she hates you. She will never be able to replace you, and will always remember you. I really hope everything turns out ok with the new baby, and that the program helps! Take real good care of yourself and I look forward to meeting you when you move to PA later this summer... assuming you are still doing that. :wub: you!

    Becca ~ i dun c y u tlk like ths but ey, who am I to judge :p I loveeee you! You, my friend, have been through so much in your short life, none of which you deserve. You are so sweet to everyone... I am so lucky to know you! Call me sometime... even though you might not want to do that, due to the longggggggggggg distance. Take care! Love youuuu!

    Also shout outs to Preakness buddy, Rae, James, Carla, Lynn, Tin_Woman, kells, Jo, Gentlelady, Kurt, Steph and everyone else here. Thank you all for being here, and Hanging on to everything you have left. Love you all.

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    And here's one huge heartfelt one right back at ya Caroline. You have helped so many people here and you are always there for any and all. You are truly a remarkable person hun. Please dont let the negative thoughts fill your mind and heart. Lies, all of them and only there to try and make you second guess what a lovely person you are. Well no guessing here! I'm honored to know you and even more so to call you a friend. Now is the time to go to all those people you hold dear and lean on them for some much needed support and love. Be strong and stay safe Caroline!!!
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    Oh Carol, you are such a wonderful person, which this thread once again proves so clearly... Thank you for your kind words that have touched me so, youre a beautiful young woman and if i could make all the horror disappear, then I wouldnt hesitate to do so. You're always in my thoughts hun, :wub: you too x
    Be safe x
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    Carolineeeeee :wub: You're my favorite wifey, you know that? :smile: I love you sooooo much!!! You are such a sweet, caring, and giving person. You're a terrific friend and you mean so much to many people here at SF. I never want to see you leave, hun. You are such a good person... You don't deserve any bad to happen to you, either. You're amazing. I'm here for you, always. :hug: :hug: :cheekkiss