Shove it...

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    You go on and have a good time ... go on... while i am here hurting.. while i am depressed and you just make things worser for me... well i am not letting you hurt me anymore... you hear me.. no freeking more,, cause i am not gonna be around to let you hurt me..

    Why? WHY COULDNT YOU make amends with me??/ why??/ because you are to stubbern and you dont give a damn about me... yep there i go cusing again... you gonna bash my head in for that? bhum.. call it a sin a bad sin or something stupid...

    dont think you are the innocent one in all of this cause you know you arent... your not innocent... the longer you have me suffer, the longer you hurt me.. you sin yourself... so dont be jumping in to accuse me of anything..

    i trusted you.,. i trusted you both with my heart, well not anymore.. you hear not anymore.... i am wiping you from my heart, my mind, my spirit, you are totally gone from this day forward i dont know you and wantr nothing to do with you.. if you had cared, you would have been here for me, you would have tried to help ease my mind but seeing as how you didnt.. well i dont care for you no more.. you hear me.. i dont love you anymore.. i want nothing to do with you.. dont call me, dont come over, dont even think of coming to me wjhen i am on my deathbed.. dont you dare show up then.. if you cant care now when i am in so much pain both physical and emotional then theres no need in trying to pretend when i am on my death bed...

    some type of brotherly love you got..

    where is it?? where is your brotherly love?? i tell you where it is.. YOU DONT HAVE ANY LOVE... So take your lies and pretend love and SHOVE IT... you hear me.. shove it up your stuck upm a... your lies and pretend love might work on the other members you preach to but it wont work on God, or me..

    iu want nothing more to do with you.. so stay the hell away from me.. dont call me on the phone, dont come by.. i dont want you anymore, nor your lies and pretend love