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Show Yourself!

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Show a picture of yourself. I'll start by posting my MySpace link:
<Mod edit: Abacus21 - removed photo of member>(You've been warned: Some content)

You can directly put a picture in or have a link to something, like a liveJournal, blog, MySpace, Xanga, etc. So... SHOW YOURSELF!!! :laugh:
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ermmmmm i dunno if this is allowed :unsure: its against the rules to post pics of yourself, not sure aboutlinks to other sites theo :unsure:

But i aint got one to post :biggrin:

Hehehe wouldnt wanna see me anyway :ohmy: :shy:
Yup - photos aren't allowed here, sorry.

They are allowed on the AfterDark Forum however :)

*Edited thanks to Lauren's pointing out of my deliberate spelling error :rolleyes: ;) *
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Photos aren't allowed here.
Neither is anything of Photo's, unless he is a German dude.

...You can post links to photos in chat though, I've done that a few times.
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