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  1. Once I mentioned cutting to my therapist, she asked me if i was, and i told her...that I hadnt in a long time.

    I do almostevery day.
    I worry about if she might ask me to see them one day, im not sure if shes convinced.
    CUtting is sometimes the only way I can get myself out of a flashback. out of a horrible memory.
    Sometimes i do it because im so numb , and i just want to feel pain because its what im used to since i was a child.
    i have quite a few plenty cuts on my arm...
    if I showed them to her, if she asked to see them...what would she do? would she send me to a hospital?
    anybody have any experiences they could share?
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    Therapists can only treat the person who shows up to the session...if you are concerned that you will be asked to stop, that might be a good place to discuss SH with her...sometimes, any start about a difficult subject is a good start; it gets you being more revealing and establishes a trust
  3. Nathan :)

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    My t knows about my self harm, she has never judged me for it she knows where i self harm and has never asked to see them.
    shes ok about it because she knows thats my coping method (bad one but we are working on it), aslong as she knows there not infected or deep etc shes ok, but if shes concerned about it she lets me know but i know first aid so she knows i know how to care for them.

    your t is there to support and help you but they can't do that unless we are honest with them.
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    my psychiatrist once asked to see mine. he was really friendly thought, and he didn't like 'demand' to see them, he asked if it's okay if he had a look. i didn't rly think about the reason back then, but i think he just wanted to make sure i'm not physically in danger. most of what there were to see at the time were scars [aka already white] tho, and some not very fresh scabs, so i wasn't rly that afraid to show him. and another reason why it wasn't so bad is that at the time i only had cuts/scars from my left wrist to the left shoulder, so it wasn't like 'revealing' to show him. which in case a person has them on their thigh or back/stomach and such would be a lot more difficult. tho i think the therapist would understand that the person might not want them seen like that in this case. and, i don't rly think they wud send u to a hospital over it, unless u're like bleeding to death there, tho maybe they wud suggest u went there yourself if they think u need medical attention. so, i think it shudn't be that overly scary, and i think it might help him/her kno a bit better how to talk to u if they kno u're still SI-ing, so i think it wud be good if u talked more openly to your therapist if u feel it's safe to tell them [which i think it shud be^^].
    g'luck with everything^^
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