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    Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls,
    we are calling to the stage,
    this one time show for your amusement,
    my despair, my tears, my rage.
    Spotlights from the stands highlight
    every weakness, every flaw.
    You laugh, and cheer, and you applaud.
    I cry until my throat is raw.
    Everybody step right up
    and watch this death defying act
    how many times can this clown hurt
    before somebody will react.
    A face hidden behind the mask
    a thin facade for your own sakes.
    Would you still applaud this show
    if you could feel the pain it takes
    to destoy a persons life like this
    and drive them to the point that they
    search for this final curtain call.
    All i can do is stop and pray
    for the strength to put on one last show
    for your amusement just once more.
    Close the curtains, and dim the lights
    My final act. No hope. No encore.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.