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    I have visited my shrink for a little over 3 years and now i am out of money. When my doctor directed me to her I always thought this is when my life will change, when things will finally turn for the better. Now after three years and nearly 15 thousand i dont feel any different. When i talk about it to her we always end up arguing and she tells me how she thinks therapy has helped me or even if it hasn't helped then at least it has brought me comfort. That nice and all but for 15 fucking thousand i should be getting a lot more. I mean what now? I go to some state run hospital and wait a year before i get some rookie therapist that doesen't know his thump from his dick and she will walk away with 15 grand saying things like " this is as far as the therapy could go". I should slash her fucking throat. How the fuck can therapy be almost the only profession in the world where the pay is not tied into the results? Sometimes i think i should have seen sooner that therapy isn't helping me but tell you the truth i dont think i could ever quit it. My life is absolutely horrible, every second i am awake i feel insecure and worthless. I put all my trust and hope in therapy and i just coulden't let go of it. Now i have no money and my life is still nothing but misery.