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    I'm so beyond caring what people think of me. I am tired of trying to prove to you that I'm not the same person. The proof is right in front of your eyes and you still refuse to see it. I'm tired of sitting here and clearly wasting my time and effort to prove anything. The truth is you don't believe people can change. You believe that people will always be who they were when you first met them. Well, while you are waiting for me to screw up and sit here and say I told you so, you are wasting your life away. I will not offer you that. I won't offer you anything, any help, any support. Nothing!

    I'm tired of sitting here pretending that we were once friends. I know we weren't. I know you never gave a shit. The truth is it's always about you. I could be on death's door and the sick truth is it would be twisted into something about you. I'm tired of people like that. I'm tired of sitting here trying to prove to you that I'm different. So, I won't try. I won't say anything at all to you. I will let you sit t here and act like the world revolves around you and when you have no one left, I will smile and laugh.

    So, with that said I'd just like to give a huge thanks to a few people that do believe I can change and have changed. lubs you.

    T- you have been around for the past year. Thank you for believing that I am a good person even if my thoughts and beliefs are a bit skewed.

    Juji- you and I are fairly new friends but thanks for asking me all the time if I'm alright. You are a strong young lady. stay strong.

    Jaffa- thanks for being my friend the past months. you are a stellar person.

    To be honest those are the three people I talk to most so if I missed anyone thank you now and always for thinking of me as a good person!
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    :hug: Kaja. Always around if you need me.
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    Kells i don't think your a bad person in te slgihtest. You stand up for what you believe in and i think that should be respected. I respect you for the way you stand up and don't follow the crowds believe.

    Please stay safe and i'm here if you wanna talk,

    Skiv x
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    :hug: kellz
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    thank you everyone.

    vikki- it's not so much that i won't comform to what people believe. I just think that you should be honest with yourself and not just go with what others are saying to fit in or something like that. I'm just tired of people thinking that I can't change my attitude etc.
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    I don't believe you are a bad person either, you are just troubled as everyone else, we are all only but human. Try to stay safe Hun. :hug:
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    thank you lynn :hug:
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    Love you Kaja :hug:

    You know i'm always about if you need to talk. I'm sorry if i can't help you but i'll always be about to do that weird dance with you :p
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    Can I join hugging Kellz? :hug:
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    I believe you can change, but even if you can't then I think that simply trying to change is as good as being successful.

    If those you tried to prove yourself to didn't even give you a chance, then they can drown in boiling flesh

    *edit* and hugs
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    You're a good person Kelly. Having an opinion is a good thing. :hug:
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    i want this deleted