Shut up and die, bitch.

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Oh why oh why can't I find my razor to cut pretty patterns on my arms?
Maybe, maybe this time, I'll cut my wrists.
Just want to die.
What's the point in living anymore?
I'm a fucking failure.
I fail at everything.
Smoking like a fucking chimney.
Wish I had some vodka.
Maybe then I'd be drunk enough to slash deep enough this time.
The only thing I'm scared of is the pain and blood.
I don't care about death.
That's what I want.
To die.
I'm a useless fucking failure.
Hi spikey

I can relate with you on this one a bit. I know the feeling of wanting to cut so bad.. to cut deep enough even. I wish I had words of wisdom or comfort to make you feel better. But truth is, I don't feel much better. I can offer my hugs and my ear, my shoulder.. I'm more than willing and capable of listening and putting in what little I can for advice that is.

Just letting you know that I don't htink you're a failure at all. I think you're a wonderful person. I'm glad you posted, it's good to know how people here truly feel rather then them bottling it in up inside. I'm sorry that you are feeling this way though

Hang in there. I really hope things look up for you real soon. I know they will eventually.

Stay safe :hug:
I don't think you should shut up. I also don't think you should die. Instead you should use this thread to scream as much as you want. To let out your frustrations about why you want to kill yourself. The trigger that is making you feel like you want to end your life. Type whatever is coming into your mind and getting it off your chest may make you feel that bit better. It may also help to know that we will listen (or more literally, read) what you say.

I'm sure you don't fail at everything. You know, when we're depressed it's much easier for us to focus on the negative aspects and to forget about our positives. I don't know you all that well, but I'm sure you haven't failed at everything. What I do know however, is that you're a nice person and you're well thought of on this forum. Surely that says something? Let us be there for you. :hug:
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