shutting the door.

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  1. It's amazing
    how easy it is
    to shut the door
    on friendships
    after you've opened it up wide
    and let people inside
    and you stop hanging out with them
    all the time
    and suddenly
    you wake up to find
    everything has changed
    they don't even call you anymore
    to invite you to dinner
    and you can't help thinking
    that this is all your fault
    you shut the door
    you didn't want to hang out with them
    all the time
    so isn't this what you were asking for?
    you wanted to go to bible study last night
    but it feels too late
    to go back
    they don't need you anymore
    what hurts the most
    is that you're that easy to forget
    it feels like you never met them
    and then you flash back
    to one moment
    to one memory
    was that all real?
    or did you just imagine it?
    these girls were there for you
    when you were down
    they were laughing with you
    making unforgettable memories
    and now you're so afraid
    that they've all forgotten
    you've lost almost everyone
    everyone who meant anything
    to you
    everyone who knows everything about you
    has hurt you
    and you trusted them
    and they don't even know
    all the damage they've done
    you're fading away
    and they don't even notice
    they don't even care
    that you turn to alcohol
    to cigarettes
    to getting high
    to boys
    to everything that will never satisfy
    and you don't even matter anymore
    they've already moved on
    but you feel so lost
    when did it all fall apart?
    the year started out so well
    things were good
    life was good
    and you felt happy
    and you went to church
    and now
    you're hurting deep inside
    and no one cares
    everything is driving you crazy
    and no one knows
    and you can't tell them
    because everything
    is falling apart
    and you can't stop it
    and you're falling
    and it's easier
    to keep falling
    than to ask for help
    because then
    they would know
    that you're weak
    and you can't be weak
    because you're not
    you have to be strong
    you are so sick and tired
    of always pretending
    that things are fine
    and that life is okay
    cuz it's definitely not
    you don't know how
    to apologize
    for a lifetime of mistakes
    for everything
    that has caused others pain
    you can't take it back
    it's just too late
    you begin to wonder
    what will happen next fall
    when you return to school
    will you have faded away
    even more?
    will everything
    be in a million pieces?
    will you be even more broken?
    why don't they give a shit?
    why don't they care?
    why does it hurt
    so fuckin bad?
    nothing has changed
    this is not the first time
    that everything
    has fallen apart
    and you're so helpless
    to stop this unraveling
    it hurts so fuckin bad
    you want to erase the past
    but this is impossible
    for it is already gone
    and you're losing
    more and more of yourself
    with each passing day
    and the saddest thing is
    you don't give a shit
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  2. Nice peice of work. Much proof that poetry does not have to rhyme to be respected. I can relate to some of the things you said.
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