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  1. I wish there was something to give me confidence i have few things i want to get off my mind..

    1. my cousin took me out with his friends an this girl he really fancies..
    likes me and is all nice with me an even told me "she likes me"
    but i'd feel strange being with her knowing my cousin is there..

    2. I hate being Shy because it stops me from doing so many things..
    like.. i just go al lquiet an stuff and i dont really want to do anything for my birthday because i hate being "center off attention"

    Any advice? Thanks
  2. TLA

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    Hi, Welcome to the Forum. Glad you posted.
    I was super quiet when I began college, another girl called me a "mouse".
    Age helps you. you learn ways to cope. having something to talk about. watching other people do it. talking to clerks, salepeople, strangers in stores/market gives you practice. Not thinking about how you feel and just wanting or dare yourself to be different.
    Hope this would help you,
  3. harmfulkisses

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    Well, confidence is not a thing that can just occur within you. It takes alot of experience to become confident. When I started secondary I was like really scared, coz you automatically think about the negative points, what if people won't like me? What if I don't fit in? etc. All you need to learn is that you are who you are, and you should be proud of that? You need to not worry about what might happen & just live your life, coz many people have regrets, but you need to learn not to regret anything you do. Once you learn this, you'll become more confident.
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