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    A cutter will be the first to tell you
    that cutters are fucking dumb,
    but being torn and bleeding
    beats out being numb.
    Yet we would never recommend
    this road from which we've come.
    You will never be the same
    once you have succumbed.

    I remember thinking
    that I would be okay,
    if only I could make it so
    the hurting went away.
    I thought I would be stronger
    if I could take the pain.
    Their words would never hurt again
    like they had hurt today.

    I was right, and that’s the thing
    that makes it all so hard.
    I never had to hurt again,
    I was never on my guard.
    I came to hold all the world
    in the lowest of regard.
    Their words flowed around me
    as my arms became more scarred.

    To never have to feel again,
    I know it sounds ideal.
    But it isn’t only hurt and pain
    that will cease to be real.
    Be prepared to lose them all,
    and it loses its appeal.
    True, you will not feel pain.
    You’ll just never feel.

    And the scars will be a mark
    of what you threw away.
    They’ll be there to tell you
    every. single. day.
    You’re fucked up beyond repair
    doomed to slow decay.
    You will bear the weight alone
    THIS is what you’ll pay.

    And I don’t have a happy end
    because I’m lost, alone.
    I walked this path and here it led:
    Arms of scars and heart of stone.
    Cutting is fucking stupid
    as evidence has shown.
    If I could, I’d change it all…
    if only I had known.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.