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Sick and terrified

I think they're much better at treating this now than when the outbreak started. It's still dangerous, but not as bad as it was. Not sure if that's any consolation.

I hope your test comes back negative.

How severe have your symptoms been?
I've read that dizziness can be one of the symptoms for Covid. The fact that your flu test was negative also makes it more likely that it is Covid.

The good news is that if you've already had it for almost a week and you haven't been hospitalized, maybe it's less likely that you will be.

Are you expecting the results of your Covid test by Sunday?

I'm not sure if your doctor needs to know about the symptom of dizziness or not, but maybe.


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People at work have same thing going around on top of the normal cold/flu season It sucks we also have covid on our backs to worry about. Lets hope it is not it. When do you get your results back?

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