sick and tired

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i'm gonna rant...and I dont care!!!!

I'm sick of being wake at 3 am
I'm sick of crying every night
I'm sick of being strong and kind and understanding


my heart is broken, it will never heal, I cry and cry and nothing makes it better

Not booze not pills nothing

i'm so tired, so hurt and just so tired...tired of being sorry, tired of being strong and everyones ear..tired of life..tired of pain and SO FUCKING TIRED of putting on a brave face!!!!
I can relate sooo much to what you have just said. I hope you're feeling a bit better now after venting, but if you want a chat anytime feel free to PM me or add to messenger. :hug:

Edit: You're from Wales, too! I thought I was alone here on SF, it's good to know I'm not. ;)
:arms: i believe he hears ya just maybe doesn't answer right away that's all..
i know theres probably not much i can say to help you feel better but if you ever want to talk don't be afraid to hollar at me. take care and i hope you start to feel better really soon
Its gonna take time for your heart to heal. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with crying. I can relate to being everyones ear, and if any of that had to do with me the other night then im sorry :cry:

I deffiantly know what its like to put on a brave face when your dying inside, i do it all the time, theres only a few people i can really open up to on here and i think you need to let out what your feeling and not just help with everyones troubles, after a while it will bring you down.:sad: When first comming here, i think you start to feel a bit better because your helping people in some way then as time goes on you realise that some certain do make you feel worse. :sad:

You need to let it out, holding it in is just making you feel like this. Hope the rant made you feel a tiny bit better :smile:

Love ya





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Sorry all was rather drunk, very very tired and someone in chat had been so nice I flipped out (how fecking perverse is that, their nice and concerned and I get all angry)

Viks in no way was that rant aimed at you hun :hug: :hug: :hug:

It was what it was, a 3am feeling sorry for myself moment.

SORRY GUYS :zipped: :zipped:

Just you said about ebing everyones 'ear' and i still feel nad bout the other night :sad:

Please remember you can allways talk to me :hug:

Viks x

:bunny: <<<<< just for you :cheekkiss
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