Sick inside and it's not even about me

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    So a few weeks ago while on a trip to Vegas my brother, his best friend, my brothers fiance and me were on our boat. My bro stayed behind with the boat and the three of us went to get his trailer and truck to get it out. So I went and changed in the bathroom and caught up about 5 minutes later. I tried to scare them by sneaking up and banging on the window but instead caught my brothers fiance giving his best friend a BJ. It was bad, I made them tell and there was fighting and yelling and crying but ended with my brother forgiving them and saying they have this one chance and if he even suspects it again he is done with them both. Weeks have gone by and it's not working. Both my brother and I are feeling sick about it. Him because it happened to him and me because I've known these two for the last 2-7 yrs. It's a long time to know someone and then lose em. That and the guy is one of my best friends and now I can not stand him. I feel sick and my brother keeps coming to me for advice, I am trying to stay open but finally told him tonight to dump them both. Maybe it was a bad idea but he is so upset he has resorted to stealing their phones and looking through texts, tonight he found two form his girl to the guy and I am like, she shouldn't even be talking to him. Stupid girl. Stupid boy too. I loved this guy, now I feel betrayed which is so weird because it happened to my brother and not me. Still hurts though. I am so tired of losing friends, that is like four this yr... guess I am a bad judge of character.
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    No you are trusting of people and they take advantage of that trust. I am sorry you are going through this and your brother will have to decide if infact he can trust thes liars. You put the truth out there good for you for protecting your brother and the others will have to suffer the consequences for their selfish behaviors. I hope your brother can come to his senses and walk away now before he is hurt anymore. Once a cheater always a cheater a liar couples councilling might help your brother but that is something he will have to decide. Take care and your brother is so lucky to have a wonderful sister but now the next move will have to be his.