Sick Leave while on unemployment benefits?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by ThePhantomLady, Feb 29, 2016.

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    I know the Danish system is most likely different that what it is in other countries... so I won't ask for any technical advice in that regard...

    Last week my job consultant had tried to fix a job for me (a job I really didn't want to do... it didn't feel 'kosher' - I was to call strangers from home and get them to join competitions etc... There were lots of red flags...) While I was overqualified, after reading my resume they told the job consultant my resume was not good enough. She advised me to call them up and convince them... and after she told me that, I had a panic attack.

    I am not stupid. They looked me up on facebook, saw I wasn't exactly a blonde beauty queen... and decided not to hire me. Thinking that only made the panicking worse... I've been bullied my entire life. Even while working at the hospital...

    I didn't call those guys, and I didn't return any calls from the job consultant... she then invited me to a meeting (if I didn't show up for this meeting my benefits could be cut). I've been to that meeting this morning.

    I told her what was going on, some weeks ago I told her I had started therapy... and I let her know I wasn't doing good now. I told her about my anxiety and even that I was working on some very difficult things in therapy. She wants to put me on sick leave so I won't be forced into work. Either that or she wants to find me an easy office job just one or two days every week while I am getting treatment.

    I just don't know. My mum has kept pushing me to find a full time job. I need the money... and having a steady income could relieve some stress for sure. I am barely making due on benefits... (though getting some money for my Birthday has helped a lot).
    But I am so scared of starting a job in a way. I am scared they won't like me... I am scared of being bullied again. I am scared I can't handle stress... I am scared of having a panic attack at work. I am scared they will see my scars and not trust me... I am scared I won't be able to concentrate... I'm scared I can't sleep again...

    While I worked at the hospital I would only get a few hours of sleep. Which is SO great when you have to handle sensitive data, handle calls and meet little patients with a smile... and try to keep a brave face when your closest co-worker tries to destroy your work and valuable research data you've collected for PhD students... having to hide your papers and documents, keeping copies so you could correct the things she destroyed when I wasn't looking.

    I can't handle a f*cked up work life like that again.
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