Sick of being sick

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  1. *dilligaf*

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    I'm so so fed up of feeling ill now. It's getting stupid. I had flu for over a week, then that went and I got a sore throat that could have been an infection or a cold or something I don't know. And now .. NOW I have a bloody earache and a headache for the last two days. It's driving me mad. I just want to feel well :cry:

    Someone said to me that I could be run down, and yeah, I agree with that. I sleep weird times, eat a lot of fast food, don't go out much, etcetc.

    I'm thinking of getting some anti biotics to kill anything that I have and then some multi vitamins to build up my immune system again.

    Think it might help?

    Dunno who I'm talking to, myself I think, don't worry about me, going mad :Leiaha:
  2. TaraB3ar

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    Anti biotics could help, but its important that if you take them you take all of them. otherwise you'll kill all the weak bugs and leave the strong ones...vitamins are good too but the best healer is sleep! Feeling sick sucks so i hope you get better soon!!
  3. *dilligaf*

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    Will do, :)
    Sleep is a weird one for me .. I either sleep far too much, or not at all. ATM I'm in the sleeping in the day and being awake all night mode :dry:
    Thanks :hug:
  4. Petal

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    big :hug: for you!

    I'd say..take the vitamin tablets anyway, especially vitamin C, to build up your immune system, I take them everyday(well,when I remember at least lol)! They won't do you any harm :)

    It'd be worth talking to your doc too, good luck hun and hope you feel well soon! :arms: