Sick Of Females

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  1. max911

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    Most of them are needy, emotional, immature little pissants who keep every guy who can make them laughs bed warm. They never know what they want and they don't see being treated right as a prerequisite. They take everything out on the wrong person or thing.

    Say things clearly, stop being so fucking desperate, have some sanctity for love and the making of it instead of spreading your legs everyday. I'm not saying wait till marriage but it seems like you're plugging your holes everyguy that is somewhat decent. And it doesn't make me feel good knowing I'm just as good as decent. I better be fucking amazing if you let me between your legs.
  2. *dilligaf*

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    I saw some of what you were saying in chat earlier. :sad: Sorry you are going through this.

    Feel free to PM me if you want to talk about it

  3. christian_1990

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    dont know what to tell u...just never get married and dont bother looking for "love" or a serious relathionship
  4. Ignored

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    I'm sorry for you if this is your experience but it's by no means true of the entire female population of the world, and if you haven't worked that out by now then you're either incredibly immature or pretty sad. Has it not occurred to you how offensive this is?
  5. JohnADreams

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    I guess that why he said most, not all.

  6. LastCrusade

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    I am also facing an extremely bad experience with my other half. Her temper and mood swings are seriously stressing me out to a point where I wonder if it's better to remain single or to proceed with the relationship. Although I am not a male chauvanist, I dare say my experience with her really makes me think thrice about getting involved again in any relationship should my relationship with her come to an end. A true living nightmare AND some guys here wanna kill themselves for having no girlfriends / never been a relationship. I guess there are two sides to a coin. Some have it good and some have it bad and thats how we make our conclusions. At this moment in time, I think women are pretty irrational. My married friends also share the same thoughts with me. No Offense to women in here. It's just my crazy experience and current living nightmare :) .....damn thing is that I care and love her so I forgive over and over again. What a fool I am.
  7. itmahanh

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    Oh PAH....LEASE !!!!! Maybe the problem of all the loose/irrational women wouldnt be so rampant if more men could decide what it is exactly that they are looking for????
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  8. Godsdrummer

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    Well I know what I want out of a woman. I just want a woman to love me, and not try to change me. Me with my beer belly. Me with my big nose. Me with my obession to music. Just plain ole me. Take me as I am.

    Utilmately, I guess I just need someone to love.
  9. cult logic

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    This is quite interesting.

    I saw a thread like this not to long ago where the subject was men instead of women, and the OP was largely agreed with.

    Though I notice when placed the other way around the OP gets bashed...
  10. itmahanh

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    Sorry if it seemed I was bashing the OP in reality I was bashing most men in general (notice I said most men) (lol).
  11. A_pixie

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    Women aren't the problem here, people are.

    People are shit at times, what can you do other than laugh about it and say you'll move on? Where to? Oh I don't know, the 6.6 billion population just might have someone to offer who is better than the fuckface you have had the misfortune to be hurt by.

    PM me if a friend is needed x
  12. SadPandaBear

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    why does everything always get broken down?

    Im so sick and tired of these damn labels / prejudices people have towards other people, just because of the colour of someone's skin, or what they have between their legs...??

    Its the simplest of things, yet most people are too damn ignorant to look beyond them. Its really freakin pathetic.
  13. jameslyons

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    Let's keep in mind that this is also a rant. No need to take it too seriously. To the OP, sorry you're having a tough time with somebody. But as has been said before--some people are good, others bad.
  14. worlds edge

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    I can sort of give my assent to the first paragraph of the OP, I've certainly known women like that (though, thankfully not very many.)

    But I think the sexual stuff in the second paragraph is over the top, even for a rant. To my mind it goes beyond simply letting off steam and into some kind of cruel stereotyping. 'Course it is a rant, so perhaps I should try to read it on those terms? Dunno. Help me out here, how could someone read that kind of thing as understandable venting? I can't seem to...
  15. christian_1990

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    theres no point on trying to find love on a "stranger" (the person u meet on the disco, on the school, etc etc) ull just end up worse, desilutionated, depressed bla bla bla. lets not get confused
  16. LetItGo

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    Are you at all surprised? If you are, you havent been here long enough...:wink:

    I think people are the problem, male and female, I dont have much faith left in humanity tbh, especially when it comes to relationships and fucking the planet over. The problem is its not that simple, sometimes a friend or family member does something, or says something that shows there is some good left in humanity, bit of inconvenience really, would be so much easier to just hate everyone, and anything humanity touches. :laugh:
  17. SadPandaBear

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  18. plates

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    How is what the OP describing contributing to the downfall of humanity, the planet and about 'people' rather than a man trashing womens sexuality and body?
  19. SpencerA

    SpencerA Well-Known Member

    i don't think it's right to make sweeping generalisations like that, both men and women are perfectly capable of doing wrong. i'm sorry to hear you're going through a shitty time but it's really not right to place all women in the same category.
  20. Tess

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    My experience of men has been that of cold, detatched, abusive, opportunistic, selfish, self congratulatory, narcissistic people who flit in and out of feelings all too readily. But who am I to complain because I'm still clutching on to the one who is most guilty of all these crimes and who has done some truly abysmal things to me but still claims to love me despite him not wanting the inconvenience of it! It's all bullshit. Men and women are equally great and awful in their own ways. Just because I am drawn to dodgy types (musicians/artists/posers anyone?) does not mean that I don't appreciate that there are some truly awesome men out there, doting husbands and dads, and oh boy, it don't half make me jealous! Lots of people say you get what you deserve and that applies to both sexes. And in my case I'm willing to admit that's probably true, because a better and more importantly a happier and more self assured person than me wouldn't put up with things I have (though this does not apply to domestic abuse obviously). I can't wait till the day I grow up and bother to find a nice man instead of purposefully going after the charismatic types who for me are too unreliable.