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sick of it! *language*

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Sa Palomera

Well-Known Member
I'm so fucking sick of it!
Falling asleep on skype, everyone hearing me snore. It's fucking embarrassing. Yet the only way for me to fall asleep. I can't sleep if I don't hear people chit chatting in the background, how pathetic is that. :unsure:

and then when I'm asleep I get nightmares. They can all fucking hear it! How I strangle my mother, how guys rape me, how guys rape my mum and me being unable to stop them, how my father strangles me, how I strangle people I cared about so much. And so on and so on. I'm fucking sick of it!

I dont want to sleep anymore but when I stay awake for a long time and fall asleep then, the dreams seem to be even worse then.
I'm so fucking sick of this shit life! GRRRRRRRR

Sa Palomera

Well-Known Member
Yeah I'm just gonna keep on posting in here, cos I feel like it. I fucking hate this. I dont want ANYONE to hear me anymore. I dont want anyone to care for me anymore. All walk off please
thanks a lot.
grr and yet I dont want y'all to walk off. I just want to be loved. stupid shit. WHY AM I WHO AND WHAT I AM?

grr shitty shit. Dolly dots. fuck it. Yeah laugh now. course why not? my whole life is a joke after all.

whahahahaha I'm laughing my arse off

I'm a worthless PIECE OF SHIT. and that's a huge understatement, overstatement. Whatever. DOn't care. I'm worse than the worst piece of shit on this fucking shitplanet.
Hun its not pathetic. I know about the nightmares, i care thats why i sit up listening and waking you up when you have them or doing our sleep thing. Its natural to want someone there, thats why i allways stay in the call with you. I know what its like to want to have someone there, you've had to wake me a few times.

I've told you ANYTIME you want me to stay on skype and listening out for ya or just both fall asleep together then i will do it, I've told you so many times that im willing to do that for you because i care. You need to get your sleep pattern back hun, you know you do. You can't keep staying awake during the nights. I know very rich coming from me but both you and me know its not the slightest bit healthy. You need to get it back for when you sort out a job.

Here for ya anytime,

Love Ya

Viks x


Staff Alumni
Its not pathetic at all Est, the nightmares you have are horrible, I cant imagine facing that every night. I think its great that you have Vikki there to support you, also keep in mind that if Vikki isnt around or asleep, I also have your number to interupt you when your having nightmares.

I know there are probably some things you might say when your asleep you dont want me to hear, or anyone really, but also remember we feel asleep on skype together a while ago and it seemed to work out alright. The offer is there Est if you need it. I know this isnt what you want. Youd much rather just get a good nights sleep by yourself, but for the time being this is better than seeing you go through those nightmares.

Vikki is right though, somehow we need to get your sleeping patterns back on something approaching decent. You need to be reasonably awake and alert for a job.

Well work on it together :hug:
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